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Getting Started with Search

As you consider starting a search for family members, there are several things to remember:

  • Adoption law and regulations differ from country to country, state to state and, in some states, from county to county. These laws and regulations address the age at which an adoptee can receive information, who can request information, how, and what types of information are available.
  • Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, and Oregon are "open records" states where adoptees can receive original birth and possibly other adoption information on request. Some other states have provisions to release original birth and/or adoption information with restrictions.
  • When requesting information, start with the state where the adoption was finalized and not in the state where the adoptee was born, if different.
  • It's wise to know why you're searching and be as emotionally prepared as possible since your very first steps may result in contact, or your search could last for years with the possibility of never producing results.
  • Unfortunately, there have been cases of people contacting searching adoptees and birthparents claiming to be their parent, child, or sibling when this is not the case. Be aware that this can happen.
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scott - 11 months ago
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I was adopted at birth , with a brother who was 5 years older then me and was also adopted. . We were born in different states..I never really gave it much thought while growing up but as I get older it gets harder to ignore. My adoptive parents told me I was adopted at a very young age.they gave me some information about biological mother which is not absolutely correct..about a year ago I saw my original birth certificate, on that I was given a first name that I was not even aware of..my mom told me she told me all of that. .I think I would have remembered a detail like that..I guess my question is , if anyone could give me a place to start..all original records that I have give me no useful information that I can find...there are so many companies that say they can help..I don't want to be taken advantage of in the process..I live with en 50 miles of my birth hospital. .I am not sure how even telling this can help...any ideas ?? Thank you for taking time to read..scott #1
Jana - 11 months ago
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I think I have a sibling I don't know about. My father was in an air force training facility in Wisconsin around 1974 or 75. My siblings mother would be from there. My mother just told me today, that before they divorced he had been served with papers about a paternity suit but would not discuss the details with her. They divorced sometime afterward. Apparently it's a big secret and no one in my family knows of it. But he is now deceased. And I would like to know my big brother or sister. Hopefully he or she would like to know me. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I googled how to find a sibling and that led me to here. So, if You're out there I want to meet you! I don't know how this site works out how you'd contact me. I guess I'll figure that out. #2
kristin thorne - 11 months ago
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I know iam adopted everyone has lied to me about this I need to know ware to start. I need to now how to open a sealed adoption. but if my name and whole identity is false witch I know it is how do i go about this. Right now searching for my father and mother is not what im wanting right now I need to find out about the adoption and why all the lies told to me. I have herd of black marketing babies and so many horrible stories about adoptions, on my Birth Certificates my birthdate is September 29th 1969 I was born in San Gabriel Clif. but I know that was false information told to me .I just need someone who knows what I need to do to help me find closure in my life please . my email is xxxx thank you #3
Rebecca - 12 months ago
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My mother was born in 1919, adopted just a few days after birth. She passed away in 2006. I am searching for information on her biological parents, who have certainly also passed away by now - if her biological mother was a mere 13 yrs. of age when she gave birth, she would be 110 yrs. old now (highly doubtful). My goals are 1. to find their names and ancestors, as well as 2. possible to connect with other children born to my maternal biological mother, or her grandchildren. Arkansas Bureau of Vital Statistics insists that no records can be released until 100 yrs. after my mother's birth - 2019. Any help in finding information before then would be most helpful! #4
Brianna - 23 hours ago
I was separated from my 2 sisters about 10 years ago.. my name then was Brieann Stellwag. They are now 15 and 12 years old. One of them lives in Georgia last I knew and the other in Indiana. The middle sister is part African American and her name is Audrianna and my other sister is white and is named Kara. Our mothers name was Michelle. I really miss them and I have a void in my heart. I'm at the point of feeling like I will never see them again.. I was adopted at age 10 and they both went to live with their fathers. Our Mother left us for some guy and moved to Pennsylvania. I have had no contact with her and I am not sure if they have.. I really want to see them and get to know them. It has been so long I don't even know if they would remember who I am.. I just feel a void and I have a cloud over my head.. I just want to know that they are okay and are growing up in a good place.. #5
Jorge Primitivo Chapa 1xxxxx - 23 hours ago
Looking for the biological mother of Jorge Primitivo Chapa. Raised by Cruz Moreno in Mercedes, TX. Primitivo Chapa of Galveston may have been his father. Jorge was born on Nov 2, 1952 assuming his records were not forged. Possible family names may have been but not limited to, Moreno, Villanueva, Estrada, Chapa, Flores, and Garcia. Galveston, Raymondville, La Sara, and Mercedes are key cities or towns. Its rumored biological mother may have been from Raymondville, TX. If anyone has any information please text me at xxxxx #6
chuck - 3 days ago
Girl born at Wilford Hall Lackland AFB 77-78, Texas has closed adoption records. My wife is her mother this was four years before we met. WE have two children of our own now. I don't know the father's family. But I know my wife has never forgot you.You have a Brother and sister. They don't know about you. She was new to the military life 18 and she don't know I wrote this, we been together 35 years and I want you to know she talked in her sleep when we first started dating and she felt your separation and would cry in her sleep over her desition to let you go.She was still in training school and single. I can't even image that feeling or ever haveing to choose. I hope if you read this you was always wanted and you have a good life. #7
Silver Ovechka - 6 days ago
I am searching for my half sister,. She was born in Tacoma Washington on March 8th, 1977 and would have just turned 40 years old. Her mother (17yr at the time, Julie Freeman) is Caucasian and her father (unknown) was Africa American. She was adopted to a wonderful family right after birth. My mother has never stopped wondering about her and due to Washington being a closed adoption state she has never really been able to search for her. I would love to meet her and I know my mom would give anything in this world tof just see her and know how she is doing. #8
Guest - 1 week ago
My name is Elizabeth Ball Crudup, I am looking for my 3 children Raquel 19, Rachelle 18, Rafael Jr 16. Their last mame at the time of adoption in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I lost my children as I was really having a rough time , I was on drugs and all alone. I took the wrong path in life and as a result my children wete taken. I am drug free and want to find my children. I was in a program at the time and the people running the program put me out and I had to tale my children elsewhere. The man who was in charge wanted to sleep with me and I refused. None of this was said in court. By this time no one was listening to what I had to say, because I was on drugs. I found out that they did not want to hear it. I take full responsibility for this. I have been looking for years. Apparently their last name was changed. I don't know much about the adopted parents except that they hada son close to my son age. I want my children. I never stopped loving my children. Help #9
LuCheir - 2 weeks ago
Adoptee looking for birth mom/dad I was born on Feb 03,1971 in Torrance.ca @ Harbor General Hospital I don't have much info on my birth parents just that she was 19 years old Irish German descent. I really don't know where to start I did ask medical records at the hospital but they were not allowed to give me that info because of HIPAA la and because I didn't have any info on my birth mom such as name xcetera. I don't know how this website works but I'm just going to put my message out there anyways. #10
Maria - 1 month ago
I was left by my biological father when i was newborn baby and i was with my biological mother with my stepdad that now i call dad because he took care of me when i was 1 years old. I am glad i have a wonderful dad even though is not from blood but i'm happy because I was raised by a mother and father. Without a father it will not be cool spending fun time. But appreciate that because he buys me everything i need. But I still want to know my biological father by name and person because I don't even have his last name. I have my mom's last name. #11
Nikki - 11 months ago
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I have found out that I have a half sister, I do not know her name but her mothers name was Leslie and my fathers name was Robert. They were divorced in 1972, I believe she was born in NY and from what I was told her mothers father owned a construction company. The last name is not common at all it is Piekart. This is a long shot I don't know how old she is or her name but I would really love to see what she looks like #12
Brandi - 11 months ago
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I have a Sister that was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 18, 1980 at Atlantic City Medical Center. She was adopted. All I know is to a couple from New York. The Mother was a School Teacher and the Father a Lawyer. The Birth records were sealed. So I don't think I can get any information. I have thought about Her all of My Life. If anyone knows any information on how to go about finding her please let me know. Thank you. #13
Shelli Bullard Trowbridge - 11 months ago
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I am looking for my sister who was given up for adoption in Aurora Colorado. She was 5 in 1966 or 67. Who name was Lisa Ann Bullard but is now Lisa Dade or Birch living in Grand Junction Co. She would be 55 years old. Parents were Mike and Rochelle Bullard. Thank you #14
Normalinda Sepeda - 3 hours ago
Searching for my twin daughter born 1998 of December 13, Elizabeth Rosario, Hilcias Rosario witch I know the court change their name they where dorn in Jackson Memorial Hospital I been praying for them to see or hear from them once they turn 18. .. I always loved them from Homestead Florida #15
Nicole Burns - 11 hours ago
I reside in Louisiana, use to be located manvel tx, looking for half sister(same mother) MOM was PATRICE MCINDOE( I have contact) half sister was ALESHA Rae at birth and we have one older sister BILLIE ROSE. My half sister was born October 1988-89(mom can not remember) maybe on the 5th. EARL K LONG HOSTPITAL BATON ROUGE. if you meet this please contact me on face book using the info I have provided I attended manvel high school! #16
Osborne Grant - 2 days ago
My father took me from my mother Agnes Smith in 1967. My mother married Christopher White in 1967 in Haringey London. I've been searching for my mother but have had no luck. I hope to find her to fill in the missing parts of my life. Regards Osborne #17
Guest - 7 days ago
My name is Kimmarie Lane I gave birth to a daughter in Yuma Arizona on march 15 1967 gave up in an open adoption to the state of Arizona,I went back looking for her her after she turned 18 was told her file had been disproved,I named her Heather,I have a lot of medical problems ,would love to meet her and for her to meet her brother and sister, #18
Stephen Lee (Propps -adopted last name) - 12 months ago
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I found out recently that I have a twin sister. That I was born in Newport News, Virginia. My adopted mother will not share any info. Did find out birth mother was a Shirley Rouse. I need to locate the hospital in which we were born. I want to find my sister. #19
Phyllis - 1 week ago
I have a half sister who was born in 1947-48 in a unwed mothers home. I don't know how to find her. My mom was around 17 when she had her. Her parents were strict when this happened. I have six siblings born to my mom and dad. I would love to find her. We have been wondering go the last twenty years where she is. Thank for letting me write this. #20

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