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Getting Started with Search

As you consider starting a search for family members, there are several things to remember:

  • Adoption law and regulations differ from country to country, state to state and, in some states, from county to county. These laws and regulations address the age at which an adoptee can receive information, who can request information, how, and what types of information are available.
  • Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, and Oregon are "open records" states where adoptees can receive original birth and possibly other adoption information on request. Some other states have provisions to release original birth and/or adoption information with restrictions.
  • When requesting information, start with the state where the adoption was finalized and not in the state where the adoptee was born, if different.
  • It's wise to know why you're searching and be as emotionally prepared as possible since your very first steps may result in contact, or your search could last for years with the possibility of never producing results.
  • Unfortunately, there have been cases of people contacting searching adoptees and birthparents claiming to be their parent, child, or sibling when this is not the case. Be aware that this can happen.
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Christina - 10 months ago
3 0 15
Someone on here mentioned my grandmother Sally Margaret Akins Heberling Stockton - Said it was their birthmother. Lisa Fultz Johnson born March 11th 1966 in Coffeyville Memorial Hospital. Please get in touch with me, as I have many unanswered questions.. #1
Lisa - 3 months ago
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I am searching for a brother and a sister. My mother was barely a teen when she got pregnant for the first time. She was sent to a girl's home in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the boy was given up for adoption. She was around 13 years old, went home, and went back possibly a year later pregnant again with a girl who was given up. No one will give me enough to go on, but I do know my mother's name was Tina Louise McMichael or Adair, she was born in 1962. She named them James Allen, and Lisa Marie. I would like to be contacted if you think you may be my half brother/sister. I have known about you since I was a little girl, and have always held a place in my heart for you. I am sure you had a great life, but it would be nice to have a brother/sister! xxxx #2
Sarah - 8 months ago
0 0 3
Female adoptee searching for birth mother and family. I was born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and adopted in Rockford, Illinois. Born Jan 1 around 2am. I have very curly brown hair. I was 5 months old at the time of adoption. I am very grateful for my adoptive parents, but would also love to find my biological family! #3
Chris - 12 months ago
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I am a female that was born in June 1965 and my brother was born February 1964. I was born in West Chester, PA, I believe we were adopted when we were in Dowingtown, PA or that is where our mother was from. I believe my mother's name was Jeannie Tucker. We spent sometime in foster care and then time at the adoption agency before we were adopted. I think at one time in my life that someone mentioned that we may have siblings. We have no knowledge of who our father's were. I believe my brother and I had different fathers. #4
Carla - 5 months ago
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I was born in May, 1965 in North Carolina and my adoption was handled by The Children's Home Society in Greensboro, NC. At the age of 21, I obtained the adoption records from my file (everything that was allowed for me to have access to). No names were given to me. My mother was young and unmarried and my father was in the military. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and grew up knowing that I was adopted. I love my adopted family very much, but would love to know more about my biological family. #5
Karen - 3 months ago
0 0 1
I was Born in Jacksonville FL on July 18, 1966. The only information I know is that my birth mother was from Australia. My birth father may have been in the air force or involved with NASA. The surname would have been McGee and my parents who raised me kept the name Karen that was given to me by my birth father. I couldn't ask for better parents to raise and love me. Unfortunately they are both now gone. I've always been interested in who and where I come from and wish I had more information. #6
Angela G - 3 months ago
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Hello I am helping my brother find his birth relatives. He was born on August 7, 1993 in Statesboro, Ga, and named Antonio A. Johnson. His birth mother is half black half white and his birth father is black. His birth mother was a young woman with 3 or 4 other small children. My understanding is that she gave him up because she wasn't able to care for him and she was living with her mother at the time, she had a younger sister that attended Statesboro High school. Antonio was adopted to a nurse name Karen Barnes Johnson who had been living in Statesboro for a short time before meeting Antonio' bio grandmother who was a Caucasian nurse that introduced Karen to her daughter that was looking to adopt out her unborn son. I believe the birth mother changed her mind wanting him back but the adopted mother moved out of state with Antonio. If you have any info .my brother really NEEDS to find his birth family. #7
Elizabeth - 3 months ago
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I was born December 9th, 1990 in Evansville, IN at Saint Mary's hospital. I was 26 days early. I'm searching for my Biological Mom. I know she went to Evansville Reitz Memorial High school . She was approximately five foot one, and very petite. She played soccer, was in Spanish club, and around the time of my birth, she would have been 16, turning 17 years old. My birth name was Rachel Marie. My mother was adopted, as well as her littler sister I believe. I have a picture of my biomom, but I can't find a name to place with the face. Any help at all would be appreciated. #8
George - 6 months ago
0 0 1
I was born on April 23, 1969 at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, FL. The adoption agency was The Children's Home, Inc. I was approximately 2 months premature and my birth weight was 4 lbs 14 oz. My adoptive parents weren't even notified that I was born until I was about 2 weeks old and almost ready to come home from the hospital in case I didn't survive. And from what I've been told, as far as I recall, at least one of my biological parents was of Italian descent and at least one of my biological grandparents was a college professor. #9
mary sisk - 7 days ago
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Hi my name is Mary sisk I'm looking for my brother daughter she was born November 11,1997 She had heart surgery when she was 3 months old her birth name is Fantisha Marie Sisk she was adopted here in Missouri I'm looking for her because she's a missing peace of our family I would love to get in touch with her I have never forgot her she was my heart love u Fannie if u ever look for your Birth family we're looking for u she's will be (18) 11-11-2015 Could u please help me find her that was my moms last wish before She passed away last year was for all her grandchildren be together. #10
Jessica - 1 week ago
0 0 0
My name is Jessica I am 23 years old DESPERATELY searching for my birth mother. Below I will write all the information I have. My name before I was adopted: Cristina My mothers name: Maria (surname unknown) Mothers age: I am guessing young Hospital I was born in: giurgiu district hospital My time of birth: 9:45am My doctors name: Dr Rodrica I have hired a private investigator trying to find my mum but with such little information it is very hard I know she didn't have enough money to look after me and I can imagine how hard it was for her but there was no mention of my birth dad at the time so I am unsure what happened there. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin I also have a birthmark on my cheek below my eye on my right cheek on my face. I know ALOT of mums those days had children very young so I can only guess that I have siblings.I was adopted in Romania and brought over to the UK on 21st July 1990 when I was just over 2 months old. I have got the information #11
Carla - 1 week ago
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Looking for my birth siblings. Born in mid-1950's. My brother's name was Donald Gene Stevens and my sister's name was Charlene Stevens. They were taken by the state of Texas, I believe, in early 1960. There were 4 other children: Jimmy Lee, Carol, Patricia, and Gregory. Mother's name was Loretta (Simmons). Dad's name was George Stevens. They are deceased. I was born in November of 1960 so Donald and Charlene never knew I existed. I would love to talk with them, their children, or other family members! #12
Guest - 2 weeks ago
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Searching for my children's half brother from a relationship their father had in his teens. He was born on Sept. 20, 1967 to Donna Doane from Clinton, CT. Born at Middlesex Memorial Hospital in Middletown, CT. Donna was 18 years old. The father, was only 17 years old. Donna's parents wouldn't let her keep this baby boy, since she already had a baby girl that was born in 1966. Her parents said we are not keeping this baby. She never got to take a picture of him. She isn't sure where her father brought her to sign the adoption papers, but she thinks it was in the New London, CT area. She always hoped he would look for her when he got older. She was afraid to look for him, because she thought he would hate her. My children would like to meet their older half brother, who is now 46 years old. My children are almost 40, 38 and almost 35. Donna did not put the baby's fathers name on the birth certificate. Nobody knows who adopted him or where he is. He was her only son. She has 4 daughters. #13
Brittany - 3 weeks ago
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I am looking for my brother his birth name was Melvin/Mevin Manuel. Our mother name is Rosalind Manuel from Mobile , Al. He is a black male, possibly in his 30's born in January. I don't have too much information at the moment because I wasn't born yet when he was giving up for adoption. My mom have seizures so she don't remember too much, I don't know if his name changed or not. If you have some information or if you think you're him email me at xxxx "SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE" Thanks in advance ♥ #14
Becky - 3 weeks ago
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I am looking for a first cousin born at Fort Sanders Presbyterin Hospital in Knoxville, Tn on March 27 (or 26th)1956. My aunt wasn't married so the baby (a girl) was given up for adoption. This girl tried to contact her birth mother to get medical information but was refused. It wasn't her mother that refused but a sister whom the mother lived with. I would love to find this cousin because she has one elderly aunt left and she would like to know her before she passes. You can post on here a message if you think you are the cousin I am looking for for. #15
CRYSTAL SHORT - 4 weeks ago
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Iam looking for my brother he was adopted in Newark New Jersey in 63 or 64 his birthdate was 1 19 1963 or 64 I think his name was Franklin weaver Kelley or Kelly my momas name was Rebecca mae Kelley she had to give him up because the birthfather abandoned her and she had no way to support him so she thought by giving him up for adoption was her only option to ensure that he had the best life possible that she was unable to give him she regreted it everyday she kept a picture of him in her wallet til the day she died she never forgot him or stopped loving him I would like to meet him if he would like to meet me can anyone help me please thank you. #16
Asya - 4 weeks ago
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I'm looking for my blogical grandparents. My father was born on January 17th 1968 (I think) in Jeanette county Pennsylvania to Harry Beitsch Sr and Ermalyn Beitsch. He has black hair that is straight and thick, olive skin, and very dark eyes, he is very tall (6'3") and rather hairy lol. The hospital he was born in burned down shorty after he was born and it was a closed adoption. My adoptive aunt who is 25 years older than my dad was working at the hospital at the time, she told me all she knew about his birth parents is that his mother was very young and had to give him up. We had a wonderful life with the family we had. We are and were very loved, but I can't contain my curiosity about is birth parents. I don't know if he wants to know them, but I do. I am 24 now, and his only biological daughter, and I fear as each year passes I might miss the opportunity to know them or the other family I may have. Please if you have any information Let me know- thank you! #17
Guest - 4 weeks ago
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Looking for information on birth parents. I was born in Wichita, KS in Wesley Hospital,July 25th. 1954. I had the most amazing adoptive parents and they are both gone now. They raised me very well and I look forward to seeing them again. I'll be 60 this year and am interested in knowing my nationality and if my birth parents are still alive. All I know is that they were very young, the Mom had long dark hair and were dark skinned. My name was Baby White. I don't want to cause any disruptions, just some basic info. I've had an amazing life and am continuing to do so. My 3 sons would like to know some medical information if possible. #18
Lindsey - 8 months ago
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I just found a post on this website from my birth mother that was posted in 2001, she was desperately searching for me and her siblings as she was very ill. The adoption agency has still holding on tight to the records despite the fact that I have done my research on my own and have all of her information. They have confirmed that she did in fact pass away in 2004. I'm not asking to disrupt anyone's lives or find someone that doesn't want to be found but I would like to know the medical history behind her death at 39, what she was like and maybe some pictures. If anyone has any information or knew Valerie Helser Williams please contact me at xxxx. Thank you ! #19
Rebecca - 12 months ago
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Searching for Birth Mother or Father. I was born on Sept. 8, 1968 (female) in Tampa, Florida. The adoption was handled by The Children's Home Society. I know my birth mother was 17 and my birth father was 19 at the time of my birth. I am fairly certain that I must have been born at Tampa General. My mother says that she remembers them saying that my birth mother's father was a prominent contractor in the Tampa Bay area back in the 1960's. #20
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