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Getting Started with Search

As you consider starting a search for family members, there are several things to remember:

  • Adoption law and regulations differ from country to country, state to state and, in some states, from county to county. These laws and regulations address the age at which an adoptee can receive information, who can request information, how, and what types of information are available.
  • Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, and Oregon are "open records" states where adoptees can receive original birth and possibly other adoption information on request. Some other states have provisions to release original birth and/or adoption information with restrictions.
  • When requesting information, start with the state where the adoption was finalized and not in the state where the adoptee was born, if different.
  • It's wise to know why you're searching and be as emotionally prepared as possible since your very first steps may result in contact, or your search could last for years with the possibility of never producing results.
  • Unfortunately, there have been cases of people contacting searching adoptees and birthparents claiming to be their parent, child, or sibling when this is not the case. Be aware that this can happen.
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scott - 10 months ago
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I was adopted at birth , with a brother who was 5 years older then me and was also adopted. . We were born in different states..I never really gave it much thought while growing up but as I get older it gets harder to ignore. My adoptive parents told me I was adopted at a very young age.they gave me some information about biological mother which is not absolutely correct..about a year ago I saw my original birth certificate, on that I was given a first name that I was not even aware of..my mom told me she told me all of that. .I think I would have remembered a detail like that..I guess my question is , if anyone could give me a place to start..all original records that I have give me no useful information that I can find...there are so many companies that say they can help..I don't want to be taken advantage of in the process..I live with en 50 miles of my birth hospital. .I am not sure how even telling this can help...any ideas ?? Thank you for taking time to read..scott #1
Jana - 11 months ago
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I think I have a sibling I don't know about. My father was in an air force training facility in Wisconsin around 1974 or 75. My siblings mother would be from there. My mother just told me today, that before they divorced he had been served with papers about a paternity suit but would not discuss the details with her. They divorced sometime afterward. Apparently it's a big secret and no one in my family knows of it. But he is now deceased. And I would like to know my big brother or sister. Hopefully he or she would like to know me. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I googled how to find a sibling and that led me to here. So, if You're out there I want to meet you! I don't know how this site works out how you'd contact me. I guess I'll figure that out. #2
kristin thorne - 11 months ago
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I know iam adopted everyone has lied to me about this I need to know ware to start. I need to now how to open a sealed adoption. but if my name and whole identity is false witch I know it is how do i go about this. Right now searching for my father and mother is not what im wanting right now I need to find out about the adoption and why all the lies told to me. I have herd of black marketing babies and so many horrible stories about adoptions, on my Birth Certificates my birthdate is September 29th 1969 I was born in San Gabriel Clif. but I know that was false information told to me .I just need someone who knows what I need to do to help me find closure in my life please . my email is xxxx thank you #3
Rebecca - 11 months ago
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My mother was born in 1919, adopted just a few days after birth. She passed away in 2006. I am searching for information on her biological parents, who have certainly also passed away by now - if her biological mother was a mere 13 yrs. of age when she gave birth, she would be 110 yrs. old now (highly doubtful). My goals are 1. to find their names and ancestors, as well as 2. possible to connect with other children born to my maternal biological mother, or her grandchildren. Arkansas Bureau of Vital Statistics insists that no records can be released until 100 yrs. after my mother's birth - 2019. Any help in finding information before then would be most helpful! #4
Maria - 1 week ago
I was left by my biological father when i was newborn baby and i was with my biological mother with my stepdad that now i call dad because he took care of me when i was 1 years old. I am glad i have a wonderful dad even though is not from blood but i'm happy because I was raised by a mother and father. Without a father it will not be cool spending fun time. But appreciate that because he buys me everything i need. But I still want to know my biological father by name and person because I don't even have his last name. I have my mom's last name. #5
Anthony Williams - 2 weeks ago
I'm looking for my lil sister she is now 21 we were takin from are parents when we were young she was still a baby her name is BRENDA MARIE WILLIAMS we lived in Compton ca I was to young to remember when we were taking but I know I was was a young and she was still close to a new born I wanna find her b4 I leave this place in Jesus name amen ...your father name is ALVIN WILLIAMS ARE MOTHER NAME IS VIRGINIA CITIZEN YOU HAVE THREE BROTHERS AND ONE SISTER YOU ARE UNDER ME I LOVE U AND I PRAY I FIND YOU. #BRENDAMARIEWILLIAMS #6
Nikki - 10 months ago
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I have found out that I have a half sister, I do not know her name but her mothers name was Leslie and my fathers name was Robert. They were divorced in 1972, I believe she was born in NY and from what I was told her mothers father owned a construction company. The last name is not common at all it is Piekart. This is a long shot I don't know how old she is or her name but I would really love to see what she looks like #7
Brandi - 10 months ago
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I have a Sister that was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 18, 1980 at Atlantic City Medical Center. She was adopted. All I know is to a couple from New York. The Mother was a School Teacher and the Father a Lawyer. The Birth records were sealed. So I don't think I can get any information. I have thought about Her all of My Life. If anyone knows any information on how to go about finding her please let me know. Thank you. #8
Shelli Bullard Trowbridge - 10 months ago
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I am looking for my sister who was given up for adoption in Aurora Colorado. She was 5 in 1966 or 67. Who name was Lisa Ann Bullard but is now Lisa Dade or Birch living in Grand Junction Co. She would be 55 years old. Parents were Mike and Rochelle Bullard. Thank you #9
Stephen Lee (Propps -adopted last name) - 11 months ago
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I found out recently that I have a twin sister. That I was born in Newport News, Virginia. My adopted mother will not share any info. Did find out birth mother was a Shirley Rouse. I need to locate the hospital in which we were born. I want to find my sister. #10
James Kurowski - 11 months ago
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In search of who ever put me up for adoption? :) My name is James. I was born on Christmas eve December 24th 1979.. I live in (NW) Indiana area I am 37yrs. I was adopted by the time I was 3.. I am hearing impaired very intelligent though. :) I resemble woody harralson some what. lol I am just if you are out there please contact me.. #11
kimberly scull - 11 months ago
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I am in search for my daughter she was taken from me when she was 6 months old..I went to jail and DCF took her and then they took my rights..I want nothing more to know how my daughter is doing and Wjat she looks like..As far as I knew she stayed in Sprjnghill but not sure where she might be now all I know if I just need some closure.I didnt do anything to be taken away from my Madison I just made a bad choice....So hopefully one day everything will l #12
Julia - 11 months ago
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I am searching for my brith family. I don't know my birthday and my age. I have been a great mark, singer and dancing too. I am looking for brith mom, dad and siblings. I have been a good listening at school. I don't know where I was born. I have be a great mature at school and at my home too. I always do my work and pay attention at school. I always pass my work at school. #13
A Friend - 20 hours ago
A friend of mine was forced as a teen to put her baby daughter up for adoption. The birth date of the baby girl was 2/25/72. The adoption agency was Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia, PA. My friend still cries about not knowing what happened to her daughter. She does not know where to start, nor do I. I saw this website, and I thought maybe this is a beginning. #14
JOANNA - 2 days ago
MY MOTHER HAD A BRIEF MARRIAGE IN 1939, Oakland Co. Michigan. Her name was Ruby Welch (maiden name Berryhill), his was Wesley T. Welch, both deceased. I have reason to believe that I have a sibling. How do I search, not knowing it's name or gender? Please advise. You can contact me at Kissamoose1 at G mail dot com. #15
Jennifer - 3 days ago
My name is Jennifer i am from Boston Mass and placed my son for adoption in april of 1993 he was a few days old and would love ro know if he is interested in meeting me and his siblings. I dont know if anyone can help but i must try to contact him if nothing else but to say i love you and will never forget about you. His birth parents are Betty and Richard the adoption agency was New Bedford Child and Family. If anyone has any info please contact me. xxxx. thank you and God Bless You all. #16
Mary - 3 days ago
I was adopted at nine years old I was born on October 8th 1973 my brith dad name was Maurice Lampley and my mom was named judith or Judy Williams I have no idea about my birth family please if you have any thing on any one of those names I was adopted in California and I was born in Torrance California I know my dad had nine kids and my mom had 4 before they got together if any of these people are you mom or dad let me know thanks you #17
Guest - 3 days ago
my husband was adopted at birth he grew up thinking about his with out knowing this he found out when he was in his 40s now he is almost 70 . he wants to see the guy that everyone see around town that looks like him but we cant find him . I really need help to find my husband birth family #18
Brittany - 4 days ago
My mom passed in a car accident when I was younger I'm 21 now from Leavenworth ks. and my half younger brother got adopted bc she passed and his dad was on drugs so he couldn't take him in. I've gotten contact with the dad and I only know where he lives ( north platte, N.E.. ) and his age (18) and name. (Shane birdsong) It's still hard to find him can anyone help??? I've been searching for years #19
Alkahir - 4 days ago
I am searching for my baby sister. We all was serprated at a early age. She was just a new born baby. I don't know much about what all happened. I just know that her name is Yasmine Grayson. Am not sure if this is how you spell her name. She was adopted and I have no clue where she might be. I believe she was born in August on my birthday the 15th. I know that her name might have been changed. I've been praying that I will see her again. If anyone knows please help me I all the help. #20

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