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In your search, it's wise to make use of the general search resources with the widest possible audience, as well as specialized search resources if it applies to your search.There are many groups that are developing resources, tips, suggestions, and communityforthose searchingamong more specific populations, such as Native Americans, Black Market adoptions, and adoptions finalized in countries outside the U.S. Additionally we have included military search resources and search resources for siblings of adopted persons who are searching for the brother or sister who was placed for adoption.

Also included is a listing of resources for those searching who may be terminally ill or in great medical need.

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Blake - 2 years ago
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Im looking for my brother. He was taken from my mom His name is Trever Allen Hellandbrand. His bday was Dec 4th 1989. (Same as my daughter actually 12/04/13) He was born at fairfax hospital. My mothers name is Kimberley Joyce Hellandbrand. If anyone sees this and knows him tell him I would love to meet him. He has a lot of family that love him and pray for him. #1
Debbie F. - 7 months ago
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Hi Jason, I'm looking for my brother who was born on July 28th 1979 in Malden Mass. My mother delivered a baby boy at Malden Hospital in Malden Mass, however after the baby was delivered they said the baby had died and they never gave the baby's body back to my parents to bury and never gave them a birth or death certificate. When I contacted the hospital about her records there was no record of her even being a patient at the hospital. I'm wondering where did you grow up and was it in the Boston area? #2
Paul Bozardt - 3 years ago
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Jason - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my birth parents, it seems there is no record of my being born over here in the united states, which leads me to believe i was either born in Canada, or somewhere else, upon cross-referencing my birthdate with ancestry.com, it was found out i have no birth record in the united states, please help if possible, allegedly i was born between 01/18/1979 to 12/16/1979. #4
Karen - 1 year ago
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Hello my name is Karen Licona my maiden name was Lamb I'm trying to find my 2 daughter's the oldest one was named Jessika Lamb her birthdate is 06/10/1999 and my other daughter was named sulema Trejo her birthdate is 11/01/2001 they were adopted in Kentucky it was either kenton county or Campbell county i miss them so much i have never gave up hope on finding them they have 4 brothers that would love to meet themand they have 1 sister that passed away a birth in 2005 #5
Robert - 2 years ago
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I am looking for any siblings I may have. I was born at Hazleton Memorial Hospital in 1979. My birth mother's name is Roxanne Rettzo. I was only able to ever locate my maternal grandfather's widow who said that she knows I have a set of twin siblings that she is aware of, but she doesn't have contact with my birth mother so there maybe more siblings out there she is not sure. #6
Hazel Arline Hunter (Kleingarn) - 2 years ago
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How does a mother get proof from an agency that lost my 1st letter ,now knows nothing about me .How does a mother know her adoptee was even contacted since she was only one in control of my case.A person cannot have a rule or law being soul supposed mediary as their is NO and Never will have Proof of me knowing he was contacted.I am still in the dark ,3 years because of this Childrens Home Society social worker,lied and said his occupation was a lawyer and his parente put him through law school.WHAT!!?? Wonder if her suvisor knows she has went to far,saying he said yes to contact-losing my 1st letter and I was not allowed to write another even though she XUPPOSEDLLY lost it .Something is very wrong.The searchers tell me shes back peddling .So she is what is holding us apart.If my son had spoken to me on a 3 way and said no contact then I would hav to respect his wishes and would always hold open my door anyway for him but he never said that nor spoke to me .Oh ,the social worker apolog #7
Jessica - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my birth grandparents. My dad was adopted sometime after he was born on August 3rd, 1966. He was born in a Phoenix, AZ hospital. Thats about all I know. I don't speak to my dads adoptive parents anymore, and my dad wants nothing to do with this search. Please help! #8
marianne - 2 years ago
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Looking for a half brother, born about 1xxxxx. Mom was Donna Hayes (hays; haze) she lived in Charlevoix, Michigan. She was very young, lived with her Grand Parents, her grandparents are from the flint area. He was adopted by the Dr.'s brother and may live in Indiana. #9
Lu - 2 years ago
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I am trying to find my birth parents. I was born in a Greensboro hospital on August 21, 1979 at 10:34am. I then went on August 27, 1979 to the Childrens Home Society of NC and stayed until being placed with my adoptive parents on October 16, 1979. I know my mother was 5'6" brown hair and brown eyes and father was 6'2" blond and blue eyes. She finished HS and he finished some HS. I am currently outside of Raleigh, NC. Can anyone help me start to search or what I need to do to start. I searched on here with no luck... #10
Km - 2 years ago
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The post on here with Alan and Travis Alne Dean gillespie was born in July 14,1993 and travis was born June 6,1994 It was a closed casw I gave up my rights and they were adopted in Colordosprins,Colorado The foster family was talking about building a ranch in Oaklahoma The foster parents that adopted them lived in the Broadmoor area when they adopted Alan and Travis I am not sure if there names were changed Alan is now 21 and Travis is 20 I hope they are still here in Colorado #11
Mary - 2 years ago
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I am searching for my half-brother born on January 26th 1995.His birth-name was John Derek Delvalle.He was adopted by a foster family now long after his birth in Wilmington,NC New Hanover County. If you read this,please know that I love you very much despite your never meeting me.We have an big sister as well who I was able to get in contact with just two years ago. You can find me on Facebook:Mary Smith (Mar)I am two years older than you born Nov. 20th 1992. #12
Kim - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my two sons Alan dean Gillespie born July 14,1993 and his brother Travis Aaaron Gillespie born June 6,1997 They were taken from me in Coloradosprings, Colorado when they were four and five years old They have a sealed case but they are now old enough for me to find but, I dont know if I need to g to the court and find more info on them I do not if there names were changed or not There foster parents live in the Broadmoor area in coloradosprings. Thank you for reading Kim #13
Phillip Todd - 2 years ago
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I was adopted at birth by Ruthanne and Phillip Crescio (adoptive mothers maiden name is Henry). I am 42 years old with brown hair and blue eyes and am Caucasian. I was born on April 10, 1971 in Evergreen Park, IL at the Christ and Little Company of Mary Hospital, my doctor was Edwin Falloon. Thank you. #14
michele - 2 years ago
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Looking for my son born august 18 1994...born in Berrien general hospital in michigan...have medical condition with my kidneys he needs to know about...please help #15
Marian - 2 years ago
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I am looking for birth parents. I was born July 17, 1958 mom was 15 and dad was 17 both of their mothers were at the adoption through catholic charities. At the time my mom was an only child and my father was the oldest of two or three brothers. He quit school and went to work to help his family. Name on adoption papers was Michelle miller. Moms name on adoption papers was Louise Any information would be helpful #16
johannes - 2 years ago
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I was born johannes jacobus farrow my birth mother is called frances joan farrowbirth father jacobus hattingh. I was born 29/09/1957. I was adopted while at Princess Alice Adoption Home in 1957. I would love to make contact with any family members. I now live in the UK With my wife and daughter #17
Stacey - 3 years ago
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I am trying to find my adoptive family, mainly for reasons relating to health conditions. My Dad was born in Surrey 0n 9th November 1954 to his parents having the surname 'Booth'. I'm aware one of his biological parents is now deceased but know nothing else of them. Dad was adopted out to a couple called 'Bob ( Robert? )and Milthred Freak' So a rather distinctive surname!!! I'm unsure 'where' he was adopted out to but he was raised mainly in Africa. Any information that may of be of even slight help would be really appreciated. #18
Leah - 2 years ago
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I am searching for my brother. He may or may not know he is adopted. What I know: he was born in Las Vegas at UMC hospital. He was born September 10, 1992. His birth mother is Michele Ellis. His name is Jake. His adoptive mom was a nurse in the Las Vegas area. Unfortunately that is the only information I have. Any information on him would be very helpful... Thanks #19
Theresa - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my daughter. She was born 10/8/81 at 6:12 pm in New Orleans, LA. At the time I was at Sellers Baptist Maternity Home. I have registered on a lot of different boards, just hoping. #20
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