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The largest free Internet-based voluntary reunion registry for those searching for birthfamily members.

Foster Family Registry
For foster family members and former foster children seeking to locate one another.

Other Registries
More than 400 adoption reunion registries, message boards, classifieds, guestbooks and other places where you can post the information and search for birthfamily.

Recommended Reading: How to Find and Use Adoption Reunion Registries

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Guest - 1 year ago
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Many years ago (in the 50s and 60s) my parents took care of many foster children (Long Island, NY) , and my parents always treated them as one of us; i considered them siblings, which was very hard on me as a young child when it was time for them to leave, usualy to go back to their birth families or relatives. We had one boy in particular for a very long time (from when he was a few days old until he was 4 and a half) , whom I considered my brother (my parents had 4 daughters, so it was neat to have a brother). We had him so much longer than any of the others, and we all were so attached to each other; he knew no other famliy (his birth mother was an unwed Catholic girl and the father was in jail) that my parents decided to pursue adoption. When the mother, who had shown no interest in him until this point, found out that a Jewish family wanted to adopt him, she freaked out that he was even in a Jewish home (all of our other foster siblings were from Jewish families, but the social wo #1
Jeff Christopher watkins - 2 weeks ago
Jeff Christopher Watkins this birth mother marie luberisse i real find u nobody help me child custody not dad battled case he left me there after he hang on me pouch, slap on face with battle together in walk to go ouside. Site other porch he come drap me on chest in said take ur hang off my chest that get arrest take to jail.after get out his go to see apartment jax fl .go see apartment all stuff ouside pay rent that loss everything. Sooorrry son in need one call adoptive mom this phone number xxxxx leave messages. this new dad jessie rivers all text me in real said fogether birthday u be 11yrs old all families miss u so much 💘 everyday years call anty xxxxx leave messages #2
Kenya - 3 months ago
When i was only a baby i was put into foster care and i stayed with foster parents for at least a year then i was adopted back into my family on my father's side. I've always wondered about the people who took care of me for that one year. All i have is a photo book they kept of me with my doctors and nurses name. I've tried contacting them but i get nowhere. My family seems to know nothing about it, or that's what they want me to think. I just really want to be able to find them and just at least say thank you. #3
Sandy - 3 weeks ago
Looking for foster son, born Dec 19, 1994. His birth name was Anthony Hairston and his adoption name is Jason Johnson. He was adopted in Greene County Missouri by a Jay and Kay. He would be 23 this year. We had him from 6 months old to 18 months old. Been looking for him for months. I would love to reconnect with him. #4
Rebecca king (formerly lois jones) - 1 month ago
Hi I was born may 2,1983 to a women named Karen jones who happened to have schizophrania. I was taken from birth and I am looking for the foster family who helped raise my from new born to almost five. I believe they lived in scugog Ontario and the name could be wannamaker. Please contact me at xxxx thanks so much #5
Sandy - 3 months ago
Looking for foster son, born Dec 19, 1994. His birth name was Anthony Hairston and his adoption name is Jason Johnson. He was adopted in Greene County Missouri by a Jay and Kay. He would be 23 this year. We had him from 6 months old to 18 months old. Been looking for him for months. I would love to reconnect with him. #6
jolisa - 1 year ago
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They make contact nearly impossible. I can be reached at three 6 zero 2 five 0 five 0 one 4 if you know anything. I can also be reached by lindbloom underscore j m at y a h o o dot c o m. Please and thank you any leads at all . #7
Ashley - 4 months ago
I am looking for four foster kids. They were all biological brothers and sisters. Makayla white, Anita Adams,Danny Adams 3rd,and Jonathan Adams.we had them in our home for a year when they had to be relocated due to a threat from their biological family. We have no information on there they are but believe they still may be in Kentucky #8
oliver - 4 months ago
have you been looking for your biological parent or children which where giving up for adoption?or looking for your old friend?you miss contact some how for any reason?Stop the worry just contact us today for your software DNA testing, fast and easy and we will get you in contact with them any where they are in this world.Contact: xxxx for more information #9
jolisa - 1 year ago
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I'm looking for my son who was in fostercare. I named him Joseph Aaron-Lee Shaver. A white male. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He has an unusual birthmark resembling a bruise on his bottom. His birthdate was April 17,1994. He was born at Highline Community Hospital in Burien WA. My name at his birth was Annette. I last saw him in Lansing Michigan in October or November on 1998 at the Saint Vincent Home for Children. I moved back to Washington because of death threats by a Michael Robbins, who has molested my son. When I reported it he was taken away from me. I was trying to press charges. Instead of helping me, Catholic Social Services abducted him and put him with a black foster family that mistreated him. I've been looking for him and I want him to know I never stop thinking about him, or praying for him. I have always loved him and what happened to our family broke my heart. I will not rest until I find out what happened to him. Any leads please contact me at xxxx #10
Peggy - 5 months ago
I am searching for my foster sister and brother, Dottie Ann Sitze and Ricky Thomure. They both lived with us in the St.Louis Missouri area in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I was the youngest of 3 biological children of Lloyd and Beulah Humphrey, who kept 17 foster children over many years. Please contact me with any info that could put me in contact with them. My email is xxxx #11
jordan - 8 months ago
im looking for a foster brother i had his name was deven (or) devon turvy i cant remember the spelling cause i was 8 the last time i saw him. but i really loved him as a brother when he had to leave i was devastated. i still miss all the fun we had. now im pretty sure he lives in my current town but i think hes changed his name. i remember a conversation about that when i was little but i didn't pay much mind to it at the time so i cant remember what the name was changed to #12
Darlene little - 3 months ago
I'm looking for my two grandchildren who was in foster care n then adopted #13
Rose Ozuna Grusing - 3 months ago
I'm looking for my foster mother and sister. I was in there care in the 70's. There names were Lola and Terrie Williams. We lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Please if any info, contact me via FAcebook. Thank You! #14
Kathy Crews " - 4 months ago
My phone number is xxxxx for my kids to call me Elizabeth Lydia Cruz 26,Alfred Lydell Cruz Jr 25,Christopher Leon Cruz 23 please call me I miss y'all so much #15
Laura - 5 months ago
My sister was in foster care all her life she is about 24 now and I'd love to find her does anyone know how I can that her name is nicole joyce but I think she may have changed it #16
Dana Haven - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my foster family that I lived with from Dec 1963 until June of 1965! All I know is that they had 3 children I believe one of the childrens names was Paul! THey had 2 boys and a girl!! The father was a white collar worker!! I believe they lived in the Worcester Ma area! I would love to meet any and all if possible! Thank you #17
Cheryl - 8 months ago
Looking for a foster brother William James Rozelle from Columbus, Indiana. Had a brother named Glenn. Lived with us for 3 years. 1973 -76 give or take. Think about him every day. Post on thus site if you have any info please. #18
Tessica - 4 years ago
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I am in the search of a sibling born Dec. 6,1977 at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie Indiana. I would love to find my sibling to complete the hole in my heart. My mom is a wonderful person, I couldn't have ask for a better mom. Our mom was in a bad relationship with our father and she was having a really hard time at the time of the birth and decided giving him/her up would be best for him to have a good life. There is not a day that goes by that he/she is not thought of and is always in our hearts.. #19
Ellen - 1 year ago
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I am looking for my former foster-son. His name is Lemmy David Featherman. I lived in Dacula, Georgia at the time. Although we thought that we would be able to adopt him, he was adopted by his grandmother. Lemmy was less than a year old when he came to our home. He was the cutest little guy with a round face, dark hair and dark eyes. He is part Native American. I didn't want to confuse him while he was growing up so I chose to wait until he was older.. Now that is is older I would love to talk to him and to tell him that he has always been in my heart. #20

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