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kristy - 4 years ago
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I am searching for my nephew Richard Earl Rykard. We believe his name has been changed as well as his brothers that were also adopted out. Rickie was born in Lancaster,Pa and was born 9/7/1994 to Angela Werner. My sister Angie was not the best mother to Rickie and made many mistakes, she has suffered in silence for many years and I know loves him and misses him. My hope is to find him and his brothers and tell them how much we all love them and miss them and want to be any part of their lives. we have looked for a very long time and hope this is going to be the answer to our prayers. #1
Sean - 3 years ago
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I'm 30 years old and currently live in Maryland in the DC Metro Area. I'm looking for my biological mother (Laura Hoff) and older biological brother (Alex Hoff). I was born in May 12, 1983 at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA. I was adopted to a young couple, adoptive father was in the Marines at the time and was stationed locally at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside. I had a great childhood with a great family however I've always had that longing to find out where I really come from. Something has always been missing. I've been searching for years and not a day goes by without this crossing my mind. If either of you should come across this PLEASE PLEASE contact me! I'm ready to meet them and I'd really like to find them soon. #2
Arielle - 3 years ago
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I am looking for my birth parents. I was adopted in El Paso, TX on April 12, 1985 to a couple from Omaha, NE. My adoptive mother tells me my birth name was "Erica." Not sure if this is correct. I know my parents gave me a box of toys. I'm not sure if the adoption was a closed or open adoption. I don't know anything else about my birth parents and I really would like to find them. I am having health issues and it would really help to have a family medical history. Please, please contact me. Also, it would give me a peace of mind. I would like to fill this missing gap in my life. Thank you. Please contact me at xxxx if anyone knows anything. #3
Jolene - 4 years ago
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I am searching for my sister, she was born between May 23, 66 and May 23, 67. Her birth mother, my mother, was 16 years old when she was born and she was forced to give her up. The birth father was from the Tryon Oklahoma area, and his last name may have been Brown. My mothers name at the time was Linda K Hillhouse. The little girl was adopted and grew up in or around the Guthrie Oklahoma area. I only found out she even existed a week ago. I don't even know if she knows she's adopted. I hope if she does that she is at east a bit curious about her birth family as I am so interested in meeting her, She is 12 years my senior so she never would have known about me. My mothers brother Ricky D. Hillhouse actually knew who the family was that adopted her #4
Jamie - 4 years ago
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im looking for 3 of my aunts i havent met yet their names are bonnie martha and grace last known birth name is Harshman plz contact me if u are them fathers name is Paul Eugene Harshman born april 3 1922 #5
Angelique - 3 years ago
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I am engaged to a wonderful man born to a young mother in Seoul S. Korea on July 8, 1978. This is what my fiancee posted on his FB wall: "My birth name is Nam, Yong Chul. I was born on July 8, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. I have no information on my mother, Just the name she gave me at birth. All I want is to see you one time, Just to say thank you and I love you." I love him very much and I want to be able to help him find peace before we get married. Please help! Please contact me ASAP! #6
Theresa DiMaggio - 4 years ago
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I am searching for Cali Lynn Paige Benton (I believe that what her adopted name) I named her Krystal Shawnee DiMaggio. I am her birth mother, I was 16 years old when she was born and was adopted by a friend of the families. The the last picture I was sent she was only one year old. I would love to see her and would want her to meet her other brother and sister if she likes. She was born walnut creek Ca at Kaiser hospital. I believe she is still in California. I hope she wants to meet me, it would be a blessing to see her :) #7
Natashia - 3 months ago
I am looking for my birth son born May 5,1994 in Pinellas County, FL. His adoptive parents are Mark and Marie Roberts or Robertson. They named my son Ryan Patrick. #8
Tori - 4 years ago
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I am trying to find my sister. She was born after 1991 at St. Jude's hospital, Columbus, OH. Her birth name was Madeline, and adoptive name of Shyanne/Cheyanne. Birth mother Wendy Johnson, birth father Dave/David Seavers both of Columbus. I am the oldest of Wendy's 5 girls. It is believed that she still lives in Columbus, or the surrounding area. #9
Guest - 7 months ago
Looking for my brother who was born 2/10/1964 in Santa Monica CA last name chambress #10
Amber - 2 years ago
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Hello, I am in search of my aunt. She was born June 14, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan. Possibly with the name Jane. I am really unsure where she may be now. But any info helps. We ( my family) never got to meet her. xxxx #11
adam shlyk - 2 years ago
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Adam born January 20th1965 in Phoenix Arizona. Birth mother Rene Anett Foster. she would have been 16 at the time, possibly LDS. #12
sharyn - 4 years ago
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Nancy - Boston - 0 seconds ago Searching for girl born 6/21/67 Broward General Hosp., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Your birth mother, Sharyn, gave you up for adoption to a couple from NY. I was your birth-mom's best friend and I have info and photos and relatives to tell you about. #13
Lost brother - 4 years ago
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My mom was married and had 4 children. Our father was killed in a mining accident and our mother had to go to work to support us kids. Our baby brother who mom called "Lucky" was given to family so that my mom could go to work. It was only suppose to be temporarily because they offered to help out. My mom met our step father and when they decided to get married and go back for the baby, the family members had taken him and left. My mom found him years later when he was 18 but he did not talk long on the phone and told her he never wanted to talk to her again. The family had to of not told him the truth of how they took him frommy mom. He was born between 1944and 1946... and my mom called him Lucky. #14
Amy - 4 years ago
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searching for Theresa Stauder or her children from chicago IL #15
Robert Michael 3/10/76 danbury - 4 years ago
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Looking for birth parents born Danbury hospital ct 3/10/76 adopted by Marilyn and William. Birth mother white birth father??? searching for info please contact #16
Guest - 4 years ago
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I am looking for my brother I know he was born Austin lee fox on October 8th 1993 in indianapolis I know that his birth parents names are Robert and ursula and they lived in Long Island New York and that they changed his name to Fred #17
Pete - 4 years ago
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Looking for KATHLEEN EDWINA MURPHY Boston, gave birth to a boy (me) 6/30/69 St.Margreats.. #18
violet - 4 years ago
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I am looking for Jason Lee Ayers. He is my half brother. His birthday is Aug.5th, 1979. We both lived in Fresno area. I now live in Bakersfield. I have looked of facebook and twitter, no luck. Anyone know him, please look for me on facebook. I went to Caruthers high. Thank you. #19
Devanna - 5 months ago
Looking for birth family #20

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