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Adoptee Access to Original Birth Certificates

Adoptee rights advocates are seeking one thing: universal access to one’s own, original, unaltered birth certificate. Don’t people have a right to know where they come from? Sh... [more]

Tips for Birthparents

Searching for adult birth children can be especially difficult for birthparents who may or may not be able to obtain much information. This article is written for both birthparents, however... [more]

Brick Wall

For Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents are often conflicted about their children's desire to search for birthparents and/or birthfamily members. Understanding possible insecurities that can lead you to feel threa... [more]

For All Triad Members

Genetic Sexual Attraction

At reunion, we may feel drawn to biological family members for many reasons, including physical. When genetic attraction involves a sexual aspect, it is called GSA. Learn more, and find support if this is a concern in your reunion.... [more]


Open Records

One of the hottest issues in adoption today, not only in the U.S., but around the world as well, is whether or not adoptees should have unrestricted access to their original adoption reco... [more]

Why Adoptees Search

10 Questions to Ask Before You Search Hollee McGinnis views search as one of the milestones in the lifelong adoption experience. ... [more]

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Rachel - 9 months ago
I need to know where i can find my little girl desperately. Her birth name was Valentine Cooper. She would be 5 now. She was born on the 3rd of April 2011 in the UK in Coventry. I was very young at the time and wanted no involvement and saw her once the day she was born. #1
Felicia Maria Rivera - 3 years ago
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I found my sister in the adoption registry but still have not been able to contact her. Her name is Diana Rivera she was adopted but her name was never changed I sent her a message thru this site but still have not been able to reach her. I saw that 14 years ago she posted her name as an adoptee in this page. She was born 08/13/1972 our mothers name Carmen Sylvia Rivera who passed away and my other sister Darlene Rivera who was in Foster care. Any help please will be deeply appreciated. #2
Houston - 2 years ago
0 0 1
Looking for my son who's mother at the time was name Renee Smith in Los Angles. Any help will be greatly appreciated. #3
Guest - 1 year ago
I'm looking for my son that i gave up for adoption at birth, he was taken away from me, I never got to see him. He was born around 1xxxxx in honolulu hawaii ( triplet military hospital, the only name we gave him was Baby Tuttle, so if anyone has information about this please leave a comment. Thank you in advanced. #4
Alan - 2 years ago
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Can anyone help me please, I am an adopted male, my mother is English my Father American. I was born in the UK and shortly after my mother came to the US, Connecticut. Whilst in the US my mother put another child, a sibling of mine, up for adoption. My question is does anyone know where I can begin to search for records for my sibling? Thanks in advance #5
Melissa Feyereisn - 2 years ago
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I'm looking for my little sister, i met her once years ago when she and I were to young to remember, her name is Ali and it was last known that she was adopted in Illinois. my father said it was a closed adoption and that he has no recollection of anything that could help me find her. I'm just hoping that there is any way i can find her any decent search sites.. thank you anyone who read this. #6
Dying Father, Recently Discovered Sister - 4 years ago
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My father is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War. Last August, Dad was in a near-drowning accident in California, and as a result, is now quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent. His long-term prognosis is very poor--but after months of wrangling with the VA doctors and other medical team members, I was successful in having Dad transferred to the VA hospital in Chicago, near where all our family (his siblings and mine) live. During a recent weekly trip to visit Dad, I mentioned to his sister some letters I have of Dad's that were written to him while he was in Vietnam, and mentioned various authors of the letters. My aunt says, "Oh, you know about Wanda?" When she realized I had no idea what I was supposed to "know," it came out that Wanda, the author of one of the Vietnam letters, is the mother of a child my father had before he left for Vietnam as a teenager in 1968. The baby was a girl, and as far as my aunt is aware, was given up immediately for adoption as a newborn in Indiana. #7
Marcus - 3 years ago
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I'm searching for Ruben and Robert Hernandez. Also, they have a younger brother Named JoJo, he was a baby. It was sometime in the early 80's when they were taken Into custody of CPS. My name is Marcus and I'm your cousin, we use play a lot When we where kids. We was very close. #8
carrie - 3 years ago
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I am curious as to how the information submitted is verified? For instance, if I was a birth mother, can I submit adoption information regarding my child given up for adoption including the fathers name and information even if there has been no paternity testing done? Do I need the birth fathers consent to display his information whether or not it has been proven that he is the father???? #9

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