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C - 3 weeks ago
On June 13, 1962, my cousin was born at San Jose Hospital in Santa Clara County, California and was adopted through a private adoption. She was told that her mother was young and from Canada. Birth Mother's name was possibly something like "Beryl", and last name may be "Cornelius", "Corneil", "O'Neil" or something similar. (My cousin was told this info a long time ago and isn't sure how accurate it is.) Both of her adoptive parents are gone now, and she's simply seeking to fill in the blanks about where she came from. Any help as to where to go from here is appreciated! #1
mary - 3 months ago
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I was bon, May 2, 1952 to a Juanita Keeton in Cleveland Ohio. From what I understand my birth father was a older man, he's probably gone now, so I need to find my birth family. I don't have anyone here, but before I die I need to know where I really came from. My birth mother had me, and was supposed to come back to get me in two weeks. She never came. But took my older sister Dorothy, my sister Jeannie, but left me. She is now sick in Bakersfield, California at 80 years old, I met her once, but when she dies, I told my brother don't call me. My adopted mother was my real mother, and I lost her 6 years ago. #2
lorie - 2 years ago
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looking for family of my mother, born salvation army rescue home Toronto, ont, july 18 1932, her mother's dad was a dr lorre, not sure of last name spelling, mom would of been 81 in july. she was adopted to hazel Salisbury that lived in wavely ontaro, hazel maiden name was campell #3
Donna - 2 months ago
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I'm looking for my nephew who was born 3/13/70 at Booth Memorial home for unwed mothers in Ohio...possibly Cleveland. My sister who was 15 at the time of birth recently passed after several years of unsuccessfully searching. We would like to fulfill her wishes and hopefully locate him so that he can meet family that he possibly doesn't even know exists and so that we can meet him and welcome him into the family. #4
Kendra - 2 years ago
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I am looking for a baby boy that was born between 1xxxxx by Hilda Faye Highers and Bob Ragsdell in Millington, TN. The child would have been born in Memphis and was adopted immediately. Maybe out of Memphis or Mississippi. #5
Angela - 3 months ago
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I am looking for my Daughter who was adopted whaen she was 3 years old who is now 20 years old. Her birth name was Larissa Dawn Sheets. She was born February 27, 1996 in Athens, ohio. I am her birth mother. She also has a blood brother named Travis lee Sheets who resides in Athens,ohio. #6
Guest - 5 months ago
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I just deleted a comment attempting to click on it for more info. I cannot seem to undo this, so I am posting this in hopes it is noticed and replaced. .the comment.was from Jeanette, in search of - I am so very sorry, I hope you see this, and can rewrite #7
Shannon - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my half sister who was born in Toledo, OH 06/04/1995 at Toledo Hospital. Her name is Jacqueline Denise, and I do not know her last name. Birth certificate would say "baby girl Meilink" #8
mary - 11 months ago
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I am looking for my son justin m. Easley whas placed for adoption with childrens home society oakland ca. My family and i have been looking for years and have hit a brick wall. Now its up to you. I have my face book family also keep an eyy out. Just want to know about you and if you are alright nothing more. #9
renee - 2 years ago
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hello, im looking for my oldest brother he is 32-33years old, he was born at john gaston hospital in memphis tn 1981.april-aug i believe it aug. please help me. #10
Patricia - 1 year ago
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looking for my half-brother, born in Plainfield NJ, birth father is John V Byrne and my sibling-brother was given up for adoption a few years before I was born. I was born in 1952 in Plainfield NJ. I don't have much more info than than this but thought I would at least give it a try. My dad had 3 girls with my mother, so this would be his only son. #11
Terry - 2 years ago
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ISO birth parents , baby girl born September 14,1967 give or take a day or two.....Toledo Hospital, Toledo , Ohio . Closed adoption. Was handled by Aid Assoc. For Lutherans. Upon contacting the A.A.L. I was told parents are Italian and French. Ohio is unsealing adoption records Dec. 24th this year. Hoping to find more info. But this is all I have, if correct, right now. Ty! #12
karen - 2 years ago
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I was born or so I was told in fort benning ga. in oct of 1959. dad supposedly was military. mom german? I may have been 10 months old when adopted from ga. I have dark hair and brown eyes and dark complexion when in sun. been searching a long time. keep hitting dead ends. #13
Randel - 2 years ago
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I am looking for any information on my birth mother only to help fill this empty chapter of my life. I want nothing but information. My birth name was Rob Allen Mosier. My mothers maiden name was Donna May Mosier. I was born at booth memorial hospital in Cleveland Ohio on march 9 1955. She was 17 at that time. As I said before I want nothing but to know some family history. She was from the wooster Ohio area. You can email me at xxxx. thanks and good luck to all searching #14
Dawn - 3 years ago
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I am looking for my birth Mother, or family. I was born DEC. 18 , 1963 in New Orleans in the Southern Baptist Hospital. I was adopted from Baptist Sellers Home a month or two later. Someone help me find them please. I have a missing link..I do not want anyone to die without having the opportunity to meet....even if you want to keep me a secret I am willing to do so. #15
Kammie - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my half sister. I am 21 I was born August 16th 1992 in Northwest IN by my biological mom Kimberley Renee Miller. My half sister was born in December 1993 in Gary Indiana. Put into the psych unit after birth weighing around 5 pound. She was adopted by a crown point indiana family. please email me if you know any information. #16
Sarah - 9 months ago
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Looking for my birth mother who is from hondorus. My birthday is 8-1-98 and I was born at a hospital in NYC. Don't know much about my adoption, anything helps. #17
Cheryl - 1 year ago
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I am looking for my half brother born in 1949 in Helena, MT. My mom gave him up for adoption as a baby. I don't have the info of birth date. My Mom's maiden name was Nelson. Most of my family has blond hair, blue eyes with Danish ancestry. #18
Marica - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my birth family. I was born December 30, 1951 in South Carolina, possibly Rock Hill. Catholic Charities handled my adoption and it took place in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I know my birth mother was 22, brown hair,blue yes, 5 ft, 100 lbs, and went to college and was a bookkeeper. My birth father was 21, 6ft, 180 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, and a textile worker. I would like to meet my birth family and also for health reasons. If anyone knows anything, please email xxxx #19
Kat - 2 years ago
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Searching for my nephew. Born at UC in OHIO in 1988 (I think). I do not know the date of birth. I was there when he was born and my sister gave him up for adoption for obvious reasons. Parents names are Laura and Dale. If my nephew is registered here I want him to know I'm looking for him and want to meet him and love him. #20
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