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Volunteer Search Help

What You Need to Know About Search Angels

Search angels are volunteers who offer certain kinds of search help without charge. Generally, they are not professional detectives or people finders, although some have developed exceptional search skills.

Services typically offered are:

  • Help with online search tools (looking through registries, checking online public records, doing name searches)
  • Library lookups (City Directories, old phone books, old newspapers, birth records if available)
  • Local legwork (visits to addresses you may have, city halls, schools if you know the name to check old yearbooks, etc.)
  • Local phone calls
  • Some search angels have purchased a series of records or databases, usually specific to a certain state, but in some cases, for entire regions, counties, provinces, or countries. Others have access to school yearbooks from one or more schools.
  • If you ask a search angel to make copies of documents, mail you papers, make long distance calls, or incur other expenses on your behalf, be prepared to pay for them in advance. Search angels donate their time and talents, but please don't expect them to absorb any expenses.

Locating a Search Angel

  • Search angels can be found in search and support groups, on our forums, and often in the chat rooms.
  • Check your local laws on search, and the services they offer. Some states offer free help, others don't.
  • Contact one or more search groups in the state, county, province, or region where the adoption took place. These groups, discussion boards, and chat rooms are filled with people searching or who have searched and they are a wonderful resource.

A Word of Caution

  • We do not know any of the search angels who post on our forums or visit our chat rooms, and we cannot verify their information. As with any other service provider, you are responsible for any arrangements you make or information you give out.
  • Search assistance should not be requested by or for minor adoptees.
  • Search angels are not professional intermediaries and should not be asked to make contact for you.
  • Please do not abuse the offers these volunteer searchers are making. They are people reaching out to people in the kindest way possible.
Visitor Comments (90)
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Sky - 7 months ago
0 0 8
I am the daughter of an adoptee, one of her five children. Recently, my mother has become very adamant about finding her birthparents. I have searched far and near for long hours, but I'm begging to know that I don't have the resources and I have reached nothing but dead ends. My mother was born on 04/29/1965 in Henderson, Nevada. She was adopted though the LDS church. If any one has any leads - or can give me advice on where to look for her birth parents, you would be a miracle. Everyone deserves to know who they are. Thank you. #1
Alicia - 4 days ago
0 0 1
I am a birth mother of a son born, July 12, 1991. He was born in Gulfport, MS at Gulfport Memorial Hospital. I did not name him, so at birth he was Baby Boy Key. He was adopted through the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi. He was adopted at birth and I believe his adopted mother's last name was Pittman. She had other children with the youngest around 8 or 9 at the time. I believe the family is from near that area, but I do not know where. I have tried multiple times to get information from the Catholic Diocese, but they will not give me anything. I was only 15 when he was born, and I did not really understand what that process meant. I always thought they would give me the information about him when he turned 21. I have tried many things, and they all are dead ends. I have no money to hire a lawyer, but I pray I find him. I want the missing piece back in my life. #2
hannah - 9 months ago
0 0 1
hey its your big sister and i love you i really miss you i have seen pictures of you and you are very cute my names Callie Manns and i am your sister i spend every night searching for you nothing has worked you were born 2003 i think or 2002 but please lil sis i wanna find you if your out there i hope you get this message i have never stopped thinking about you #3
Seth - 2 weeks ago
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I feel I should tell you a little about myself.. I am adopted, I was born april 3rd 1991 in Columbus Ohio in a hospital called "Doctors Hospital North" I am now 23 and and since a little kid I have always wanted to reach out to my birth parents and thank them for having me an bringing me into this world.. even though I never got to meet them Im sure they are amazing. from what I know, my mom was 16 and my dad was 19, It was a closed adoption this group seems to be my closest hope to maybe one day getting to meet them can someone help me Seth #4
Linda - 2 months ago
0 0 0
Searching for my son's half-brother. His father got a girl pregnant. She went to Florida in 1966 or 1967 to have the baby. She was from Vermont. She never told him about it. We just found out from her best friend who let my sister know of it. Her name was Nancy Allen. She gave birth to the baby and it was immediately given up for adoption, probably in Florida. Can anyone help? I have not contacted Nancy Allen, as she married and I do not know her married name. My X-husband said if she was pregnant then, it was his child. Thank you. #5
Mary - 4 months ago
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I am a white female born March 26,1966. Was told I am from Chicago,Illinois. I have brother that was my biological brother that was adopted with me his birthdate is March 14, 1967. He died in Chattanooga Tennessee on Sept. 1995. I do have a death certificate number but have not ask for a copy of the death certificate. Do you know if the death certificate would have biological parents names? We were 2 out 5 children being the two youngest. We were given to our grandparents for awhile and later to DDS. In October 1969 we were taken to Thomasville, GA to meet with a family and placed in there home. This was called a safe home at the time. On December 3, 1970 my brother and I were adopted by William Alsa and Gayle Cooley Shackelford. I was told by my adopted mother that my last name is Mount. I believe my biological name to be Elizabeth Ann Mount. Any help will be appreciated. #6
Dede - 5 months ago
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I was born July 16, 1962, in Bexar County, Texas in the Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. My birth mother ended up in a Catholic "unwed mother's" home. She was 21 at the time (born around 1941). I was transferred from the Catholic home to the LAST agency. I was adopted at 3 weeks old and had a happy childhood and have had a happy adult life.I've held on to a handwritten card for years that said my birth father spoke three or four languages and was in the Mexican National Army. He may have met my birth mother in college. It is my understanding that he never knew about me. Besides that, the card said my birth father was born in 1936, 6 feet tall, blue eyes, brown hair and in good health. I have some information on my mother's side, but no names on either side. I only know she had two sisters and a brother. My maternal grandfather was a mail carrier and my grandmother was a housewife. #7
amanda - 6 months ago
0 0 1
please im despaerate its been over 14 years since ive seen my sister her name is sara she got adopted when she was 4 im desperatly in need of help finding she will be turning 18 on august 9th 2014 please help me find her. #8
Kelly - 1 year ago
0 0 1
Searching for my half sister who was born October 1967,13th or 14th most likely. She was born in Bartholomew County Columbus, Indiana. I was born October 7, 1968. Knowing I could have the sister I always wanted grabs at my heart daily. Would love to find her and hopefully answer a lot of questions I'm sure we both have. I inquired about a locating agency but they are very expensive with no guarantees. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. #9
Guest - 1 week ago
0 0 0
I was born in Queens New York in Jamaica hospital and my mother is Caucasian and father is Hispanic and he speaks Spanish. My mother's name is Catherine Greene and my birth name was probably Jennifer Jessica Jazmine Greene Melissa Ayala. I hope they come forward, I'm not upset and I really want to see them. Love you. Se habla Espanyol. #10
John - 2 weeks ago
0 0 0
Born Oct. 7, 1951 in Indianapolis, adopted at birth. Got my adoption papers when Mom died in 2008, searching ever since. Through Census records, City Directories, etc, I believe I've located all females of childbearing age with my original last name but have been unable to narrow it down. Many are dead, and some families are reluctant to talk. I've just done a DNA ttest and am awaiting results, hoping to compare it with another possible relative. #11
Theresa - 4 weeks ago
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My name is Theresa Kenny. I was born May 11, 1969 and adopted on September 25, 1969. My original name was Heather Allyson Mary Foraker, born in the Town of Onondaga, New York. I would love to connect with any biological family who would like to meet me. #12
Shelli - 4 weeks ago
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In search of Corinne Brown Swearingen, birth mother of Eugene Earl Swearingen, born 8/67 in Bloomington, IL. If you have any information please contact me at Shelli dot Johnston at Comcast dot net. Had to spell out dot and at in email. Also looking for any siblings and birth father. #13
Jennifer Pyle - 1 month ago
0 0 0
Hi, I'm looking for my half sister she was given up for a closed adoption by my mother bonnie Pyle and I have no clue where to start looking she may have been adopted in Henderson/lasvegas, nv and is probably in late 30's any info that can help me start would be appreciated, ty #14
Guest - 2 months ago
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My mother ha givin my brother up for adoption when he was born. I only recently found this out and I would love to be reunited but I just don't know where to begin please if you have any information as to where to start. We're from hawaii so if any one has information as to agencies that I can look into that would be really nice. Thanks #15
D'Metri - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I am the son of an adoptee, my mother has been searching for her birth mother for many years. My mother was born 13 July 1967, Indianapolis, IN. I have conducted some Autosomal DNA testing on myself and my mother and we have a couple of 2nd and 3rd cousin matches on FTDNA.COM. But have not had any successful communications with them. Any help or guidance on what steps I can take to further advance my search would be greatly appreciated. #16
Marci - 2 months ago
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I'm trying to find my cousin. Her marriage name is Linda Swol. I believe her husbands name is Jeff Swol. I don't know her birthday. Her mother's name is Lucille Barretta birthday 2-15-1926. I believe Linda Swol lives in Granby, Connecticut. I need to get into contact with her. Thank you #17
Lucy Archibeque - 11 months ago
0 1 1
Hi I am searching for my birth parents George and Cordelia Stivers. I was born on November 24,1973. At City Hospital St. Louis Mo. I also have a sister named Norma Stivers at birth, and 3 younger brothers who were adopted in the Chicago Il area. I was adopted to Audrey and Edward Eckman on April 1.1981 in St. Louis MO. I would like to find them. You can find me on Facebook. please and thank you #18
Leslie Orien - 3 months ago
0 0 0
I'm looking for my daughter’s birth father. I have used public records, however I cannot find a current address .I believe he is still in Florida.. Can anyone give me some insight how to find him? My daughter is 36 and has a desire to meet him. She is not looking for a daddy or money, she feels as there is a missing piece of her life. The last time I saw him was 1980, Pinellas County FL Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. His name is Wayne Robert Barrell aka Rebel dob 11/28/50 #19
kati masse - 1 year ago
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Hi, i have been searching for my cousin for years, she was adopted june 28 1996, to a couple in bountiful utah was believed the adoptive father was a bountiful police officer at the time of adoption. Her birth name is crystal renee christensen born july 5th 1987 to rodney christensen and joanna oliver groms. If anyone knows anything. I just want hug her again or kbow ahe has had a good life! We were connected at the hip, did everything together. She also has 2 little sisters that want to be reunited #20
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