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Volunteer Search Help

What You Need to Know About Search Angels

Search angels are volunteers who offer certain kinds of search help without charge. Generally, they are not professional detectives or people finders, although some have developed exceptional search skills.

Services typically offered are:

  • Help with online search tools (looking through registries, checking online public records, doing name searches)
  • Library lookups (City Directories, old phone books, old newspapers, birth records if available)
  • Local legwork (visits to addresses you may have, city halls, schools if you know the name to check old yearbooks, etc.)
  • Local phone calls
  • Some search angels have purchased a series of records or databases, usually specific to a certain state, but in some cases, for entire regions, counties, provinces, or countries. Others have access to school yearbooks from one or more schools.
  • If you ask a search angel to make copies of documents, mail you papers, make long distance calls, or incur other expenses on your behalf, be prepared to pay for them in advance. Search angels donate their time and talents, but please don't expect them to absorb any expenses.

Locating a Search Angel

  • Search angels can be found in search and support groups, on our forums, and often in the chat rooms.
  • Check your local laws on search, and the services they offer. Some states offer free help, others don't.
  • Contact one or more search groups in the state, county, province, or region where the adoption took place. These groups, discussion boards, and chat rooms are filled with people searching or who have searched and they are a wonderful resource.

A Word of Caution

  • We do not know any of the search angels who post on our forums or visit our chat rooms, and we cannot verify their information. As with any other service provider, you are responsible for any arrangements you make or information you give out.
  • Search assistance should not be requested by or for minor adoptees.
  • Search angels are not professional intermediaries and should not be asked to make contact for you.
  • Please do not abuse the offers these volunteer searchers are making. They are people reaching out to people in the kindest way possible.
Visitor Comments (131)
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Sky - 11 months ago
0 0 8
I am the daughter of an adoptee, one of her five children. Recently, my mother has become very adamant about finding her birthparents. I have searched far and near for long hours, but I'm begging to know that I don't have the resources and I have reached nothing but dead ends. My mother was born on 04/29/1965 in Henderson, Nevada. She was adopted though the LDS church. If any one has any leads - or can give me advice on where to look for her birth parents, you would be a miracle. Everyone deserves to know who they are. Thank you. #1
Tracy - 3 months ago
0 0 3
Hello I have been looking for 15 yrs for my half brother and two half sisters.Jay winkle, betty winkle and amber winkle.They were borm in Georgetown Ohio but were put in foster care in Hamilton oh.When they were 5,4,3.I cant find any thing on them thinking they were adopted.Birth parents are Rick winkle and rose winkle. #2
Mary - 8 months ago
0 0 1
I am a white female born March 26,1966. Was told I am from Chicago,Illinois. I have brother that was my biological brother that was adopted with me his birthdate is March 14, 1967. He died in Chattanooga Tennessee on Sept. 1995. I do have a death certificate number but have not ask for a copy of the death certificate. Do you know if the death certificate would have biological parents names? We were 2 out 5 children being the two youngest. We were given to our grandparents for awhile and later to DDS. In October 1969 we were taken to Thomasville, GA to meet with a family and placed in there home. This was called a safe home at the time. On December 3, 1970 my brother and I were adopted by William Alsa and Gayle Cooley Shackelford. I was told by my adopted mother that my last name is Mount. I believe my biological name to be Elizabeth Ann Mount. Any help will be appreciated. #3
JOYCE MCNIESH SOLIS - 3 months ago
0 0 1
Dalia - 3 months ago
0 0 1
i was adopted by my stepdad,he was the best dad anyone could ask for .i was ten years old when my mother told me my father was from iraq.i knew i always looked different then my sister but i didnt know who my birth father was till then. please help me find any relative in my fathers family! #5
Heidi - 1 week ago
I am looking for our niece...Born June 2,1997. Birth name was Ariel Rene Sowers in Metropolitan Hospital in Wyom., Michigan. Birth parents name Jessica (Woods) Sowers and Tracey Sowers. Shortly after they divorced, your mom gave you up for adoption without our knowledge and we just found out this January that you were adopted. We are thinking she was adopted out of Wakeegan, IL. We have searched for you/your mom for several years and came up with nothing. We would love to re-unite with you and be able to meet with you. We just want to know you are ok and that you are happy. #6
Carol - 3 weeks ago
I am looking for my birth mother. I was born August 24, 1961 in Columbus, Ohio. Have been told my birth mother was 18 years old at the time she gave birth to me. She was from Louisiana and came here to stay with a brother who lived south of Columbus. She didn't want her mother to know about her pregnancy because her mother was in ill health. I was placed in Catholic social services and then adopted. My birth mother's name was Gayle Comeaux. If anyone knows her she would now be around 71 years old! #7
Alycia - 1 month ago
I was born in Reno Nevada January 19 1980 at around 7:35 pm. I was adopted threw lds family services. I have recently started looking to find out my biological parents. All the LDS church will tell me is my biological mom was german dutch decent, she was Lutheran. Also my biological parents were both truckers. I would really love to know any information on my biological ancestry or medical. If anyone knows or is looking for a baby girl that was born that day and around that time please let me know I deserve to know who i am please please help me #8
Kitty - 2 months ago
Hello, I am looking for my Biological Father, first name Johnny. I was born September 11 1967 in Terre Haute Indiana. Vigo County. Info given to me about Johnny is that he was in the service at a young age and came home and lived with his mother, father and younger sister. He also had a broken arm or wrist in Dec. of 1966 or beginning of 1967. I have never met my Biological Father and although I have had an amazing father that raised me with love I have always longed to find my family that I have never known .Any help is greatly appreciated. God BLESS #9
Ana Ramirez - 2 months ago
Need Help Too!! I was adopted from Ensenada, Mexico in 1973 from family by the name of Estanislao Iglesias Caro. I have found him, and we took our DNA test however found that we are not related. My birth mothers name is Maria Del Carmen Morales Munoz, she was born in Otatitlan, Veracruz, and her parents were Francisco Morales , and Amada Munoz. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. The word is that I possibly have siblings, but I know nothing about whether that is true or hearsay. Please Help!! #10
Jacqueline - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I am looking for my birth daughter who was placed for adoption at birth. She was born July 16,1967 at St Anthony hospital located in Terre Haute, In. Birth certificate had baby girl Lohman but named Karyn Anne by birth mother. She was placed through the Children's Bureau in Indianapolis, In. and the Florence Crittendon home for unwed mothers in Terre Haute, In. Mother was 15 at time of birth. She has 2 half brothers who would love to meet you and I would love to hold you one more time before I die. If you know any info on her please contact me through searce angels. Thank you. #11
M - 2 months ago
0 0 0
Hi. My brother and a girlfriend gave their baby up for adoption about 21 years ago. It was a boy. I in now way want to interfere with this young man's life. Nor am I looking to meet him. Unfortunately my brother was diagnosed with congenital heart disease several years ago and my mother just died suddenly of it 2 months ago and my cousin last year. It is VERY prevalent in our family and sadly it is common to die suddenly of it. I just want to get a word to his family so they know he needs to be evaluated so if he does have it he could be cared for properly and live a long happy life. To the best of my knowledge, my brother has not done this himself and does'nt intend to. Any suggestions? I would like to do it anonymously (or at least without any personal info) as I don't have my brother's permission but I just can't let this young man go not knowing when knowing could save his life. I'm not trying to being dramatic. I just lost my mom. I can't stand for this to happen to another family #12
hannah - 1 year ago
0 0 1
hey its your big sister and i love you i really miss you i have seen pictures of you and you are very cute my names Callie Manns and i am your sister i spend every night searching for you nothing has worked you were born 2003 i think or 2002 but please lil sis i wanna find you if your out there i hope you get this message i have never stopped thinking about you #13
Betsy - 3 days ago
Mother died in Feb. 2015. Just found out I have two half brothers who she adopted out somewhere between 2060 to 2066, these are two separate births. My mother's name was Hilda Mae Lohr Yancey, I know a Catholic priest Father Debork or something like that help with the adoptions both times. We lived in Orange, Va. Just want to meet my brothers, if they want too. #14
Dana - 3 months ago
0 0 0
I am looking for my husband's birth parents. He was born in Huntington NY February 27th 1978. His legal adoption didn't go through until he was about 4 years old. He was born in Huntington hospital and given to his family Abbatiello from birth even though legally was not satisfied until a fewYears later. Closed adoption. We believe the birth parents have the last name Walters? Please if anyone knows how to help. His adopted mother passed away from ALS and he has no further information other then his birth certificate that was signed by hisadopted parents. #15
Lisa Elizabeth DePasquale - 1 month ago
My name is Lisa Elizabeth DePasquale and I was adopted at a very young age out of Gardener, Mass. I'm now 26 years old and need an angel on my side to find my biological parents. Very little information, but a birth certificate. A piece of me is missing and it is time to put myself back together. #16
Kristen - 2 months ago
Hi, I'm looking for my birth mother and/or any birth family. I was born July 5th, 1975 in Indiana..I believe Indianapolis. I was born at home to a young girl who was 14 or 15 I believe. I don't have much more information than that. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I have Irish and Scandinavian ancestry. My foster mother called me Michelle. Any help or knowledge would be great. #17
Kelly - 1 year ago
0 0 1
Searching for my half sister who was born October 1967,13th or 14th most likely. She was born in Bartholomew County Columbus, Indiana. I was born October 7, 1968. Knowing I could have the sister I always wanted grabs at my heart daily. Would love to find her and hopefully answer a lot of questions I'm sure we both have. I inquired about a locating agency but they are very expensive with no guarantees. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. #18
Rebecca ryan - 2 months ago
0 0 0
Good evning from the brighton is there any search angels on here i was given up for adoption in 1963 and i m looking for my birth mothe rmy adoption took place in a mother and baby home in derby in 1963 my birth mother is still in the derby notts area #19
Linda - 6 months ago
0 0 0
Searching for my son's half-brother. His father got a girl pregnant. She went to Florida in 1966 or 1967 to have the baby. She was from Vermont. She never told him about it. We just found out from her best friend who let my sister know of it. Her name was Nancy Allen. She gave birth to the baby and it was immediately given up for adoption, probably in Florida. Can anyone help? I have not contacted Nancy Allen, as she married and I do not know her married name. My X-husband said if she was pregnant then, it was his child. Thank you. #20
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