Reunion After an Adoption Search

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Once you have enough information to post on registries, hire a searcher, or make outreach efforts on your own, reconnecting is the next step. How are you going to do it? Will you get a professional to help? A friend? Do it yourself? And once you do connect, the results may be far better or far more disappointing than you anticipated. Find resources and support for every step along the way, and consider sharing your story with others.

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Gregory - 3 years ago
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I am in search of my husbands birth mother due to medical issues with our children. He was given up at birth. He was born on March 20, 1966 in Seattle, Washington at University Hospital. His given name was Gregory, he weighed 8lbs 5 oz. The only information I have on birth mother is that she was 19 years old, 5'1 brown hair blue eyes Norwegian, Swedish, Irish and German and of Lutheran faith. The birth father may have no been aware of the birth. The birth mother age approximately 66 at this time. If anyone has any information please respond. #1
Alice - 4 years ago
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I am a black American female searching for my biological relatives, birth parents, anyone. I was adopted in Arkansas. I was born as Alice Railey on 1/31/69 at 8:59am. I am unsure of the spelling of the last name. My birth mother was 20 years old, a black American and 5'3'. She weighed 130 lbs and was working as a quality control inspector at a plant as well as wait tables. After my birth, she planned to return to college and made As and Bs. She enjoyed sewing and reading. She had a brother who was 16 when I was born. He was 5'9'. My father was 5'8' tall, a black American shoe salesman, 5'8' tall with several siblings in college. My mother was said to be dark skinned and my father possibly light skinned or dark skinned (unsure -- just word of mouth). The process to connect is tedious so this is an effort to find relatives via the Internet. Thanks for any info. #2
Betty Jane Burlile - 4 years ago
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I was sexually abused by my father had a baby it was a girl she was born at tiffin mercy hospital on August 19 ,1975 I named her Joyce. I just want you to know I never forgot about you. The state took you soon as you were born, I hope you had a good family raise you. I was only 13 when you were born, I hope you find peace in life. #3
Pete - 3 years ago
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Supposedly my birthdate is 12.14.61 My name was Joseph but changed to Peter when adopted. I was 2-3 years old when my mother arranged for adoption. I was told I was the product of an affair with the neighbor. Both my mother and father enjoyed dancing. My mother had long beautiful hair and snappy eyes. She was petite. #4
Laura - 3 years ago
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I'm in search of my niece given up for adoption due to her mother's disappearance.she was born in Pittsburgh,St.Francis Hospital.Your given name was Laura Ann after your grandmother.she has aunts and uncles that would love to see her.Diane,Paula,Craig,Charlie's and Robert.Diane raised her for over a year,but a family wanted to adopt her.Diane raised 3 kids of her own,wanted to give Laura a chance at a better life #5
Mary - 4 months ago
I am looking for my mother's biological mother. My mother was born 2/7/57 in either Deland or DeBary, Florida. Her bio mom was 14 or 15 at the time. There was no official adoption record, sadly. Her adoptive mother worked for the hospital and was allowed to fill out the original certificate of birth with her own name, or at least as far as my mom was told. My mom has since passed away but it was always her dream to find her biological mother after her parents were gone. I'd like to continue her quest if possible, if only to let someone know whatever happened to their baby girl. I don't need anything in return, although a medical history would be nice. That's about all the info that I know. I don't even have my mom's birth certificate to know time or weight. Still, it's a start. #6
Guest - 4 years ago
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Im looking for my daughter who i had to give up for adoption at birth. She was born in October on the 15, 16, or 17 of 1962 at Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas. There is a possibility that her last name could have been Coldiron. She was adopted out to Hope Cottage Adoption Center. I would love to find her and meet her. #7
Heidy - 2 years ago
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I'm looking for my brother Ricardo Antonio Nunez. He was born on January 09, 1990 in Woodhall Hospital, Brooklyn NY (same as me). He was a premature baby, and for that he had respiratory problems. I also know that he was adopted by the nurse that was taking care of him, but I do not know her name. Unfortunately, this is all the information I have of him. I missed out on my brother for 23 years, and I would loved that to change. I am desperate to know anything about him, and hopefully one day I can finally meet him. #8
Sharon Moseley - 2 years ago
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hello my name is Daron birth name is gerald mosely. I am African American i was born on September 26 1996 at MLK hopsital in Los angeles, CA . i am searching for my bith parents and siblings. I belive my mothers name is Sharon Mosely? My father is believed to be an older man and i have 3 older brothers no older than 27-33 whom are all together, a sister who is in her early 20's with light skin and curly hair who was adopted by a African American woman in Torrance CA and a younger brother around the ages of 14-18 and was adopted my his grandmother. I have an uncle who lived on western and 120th st but he no longer lives here. Any information will help thank you very much... #9
Theresa - 2 years ago
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I would really like to tell my story. I found out when I was a teenager I had an older sister that my Mother Had to give up at the age of 16. My mom only seen her for 5 seconds. ( 46 years ago) I was so excited that I had an older sister. I started to search for her with her birth name Rose Mary Hallman( But no luck.) I searched for 12 years. Calling and registering with all the adoption sites I could. Sent info every month to the agencies thinking maybe they lost it. But then I got a letter from the Alberta agency on November 16, 2005.The letter described my sister and told non identifying information about her parents, But that was all. I was so happy I cried for two days but… Still no luck finding her. Still I called the agency every month to make sure they still had all my correct contact information in case she applied to find us. I finally took the letter to my Mom and we cried together , Happy that at least she was in a good home and loved. But then my Mom told me this lette #10
Elizabeth - 4 years ago
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I'm searching for my birth mother. I was born December 9th, 1990 in Evansville, Indiana. I was originally named Rachel Marie and was adopted out through Catholic Charities. My Birthmother was 16/17 years old by the time I arrived. She went to Evansville Reitz Memorial. She grew up in a very Catholic family, with a little sister. I believe both of them were adopted as well. I was placed in a foster home for a while after I was born in Evansville. To my birthmother, if you read this, please know that I love you and thank you for choosing my adoptive parents. They've been such a blessing in my life. I hope you see this. #11
Jeff christopher Llamar L. Watkins - 2 months ago
I am a black American birth mother name is Marie sheirley luberisse 5'2 62 inch 31yrs old i have u 22yrs. Hopistal 800 prundental Dr jax fl born 8-14-2007 weighed 07 lbs 01 oz 19 1/2inch u see first one that ur 3109 Machado st Tampa fl 33605 tel.xxxxx #12
Malik dieudonne Luberisse - 2 months ago
I am in search of birth mother due to medical issues with our children she wasn't given- up birth.he was born march 26, 2004 in dolphins.his given name was malik he weighed 5lbs 55oz. The only information i have on birth mother is that was 18 yrs old 5' 2 black hair brown eye croissant das bouquets d' Haiti and.the birth grandmother may havebeen of the birth.the birth mother age 31 yrs old now #13
Sharrell Heyward - 1 year ago
Hello everyone I am here in search for my cousin "Shawn Emanuel Heyward" born April 15, 1993. My grandmother died 2 years ago trying until her last breath to be reunited with someone we all love oh so deeply. Shawns mom Renee Heyward who is now deceased was shot in her stomach while pregnant with him. An emergency c-section was given to be sure that Shawn would be ok yet he was struck in his buttocks which would leave a permanent mark til this day. Shawn if u are out there #14
dawn - 1 year ago
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i am looking for son who was born on august 5 1986 at mercy hospital. the adoption went through Spence Chapen in manhattan. i was also told he was given the first name James and he had an older adopted sister also, i was given pictures of my son up to 6 months old n also given 2 lettets. i am now 46 years old n have 2 kids, i would like the opportunity to explain. PLEASE respond if anyone has any information #15
dawn - 1 year ago
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i am looking for son who was born on august 5, 1986 in mercy hospital . he was given a name of james i was told and also has at least 1 adopted sibling. adoption was through SPence chapen in manhattan . i think morher was a school teacher n father was working for grummans, if i remember correctly, i was 16 years old n now i am 46. #16
SHEREE - 3 years ago
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I am looking for my Birth Mother! I was born on August 19th, 1957 in Milwaukee Wisconsin at St Joseph's hospital. My adopted parent's Marlene, and Sidney Goldberg were brought together with my birth mother by a Dr. Friend of both party's. I think my birth mother went to stay with a aunt of her's in Milwaukee, Wi. To have me. I do not think she lived there. I what to find her to thank her for making the right choice for me. I also know she married, and Had a child with this man, so I want to find my sibling. Please contact me. I am 56 yr's old now!!! life is too short I need to find you. Thank you sheree T. #17
Sue - 2 years ago
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Female Adoptte ISO: Birth Family. DOB: January 4, 1975, Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital, Buffalo, NY. Adoption was a Private Placement and finalized August 1975. Non ID information states Birthmom was 16 years old at time of my birth, white, Catholic, unmarried, a student, and from The USA. Also, I was 6lbs 10oz at birth and my Birth mom started prenatal care at 5 months. Please contact me if you have any information that may help me in searching for my birth family. Thank you #18
Ed - 2 years ago
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Looking for Mom, Lois? Male born in Tampa, Fl 12/20/1965 Mom signed papers in Jan 1966. She lived with her mom and worked at a burger shop. She was married in 1957 to Paul?, and lost a son about 2 yrs of age before I was born. birth father did not know about me. xxxx Please #19
Judi - 3 years ago
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I was born in Philadelphia, PA. 10-08-1950, my birth name was Melanie VanSyckle (VanSickle)? I was told that my parents were killed in a car accident while taking me home from the hospital. I would love to know if I have any family still alive and that could help me with medical history. My adoptive parent were Carmella M. and Hamilton D. Savage. #20

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