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Beginning an adoption reunion search can be the start to an emotionally difficult, yet rewarding journey. The first step is the biggest step you'll take. Deciding to begin your search and reunion journey commonly requires dedication, perseverance, and emotional and mental fortitude. Some of those who search find who they're looking for right away while others can search for years without success. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to know which category you'll fall into before you begin the process. However, even if success isn't met right away, the journey holds a lot of other benefits and advantages, including a better understanding of yourself and your life experiences.

Once you've decided to start your search, you will then have to decide how you're going to move forward. For starters, it's possible that the agency used to facilitate the adoption offers post-adoption services that include a registry or third party intermediary who will attempt to locate and contact the member of the triad you are searching for.

You can also search online directories that aren't related to a specific agency. Many of these online directories are free, including the Reunion Registry. Because of the modernity and popularity of social networking sites, that's a great place to start, too. Of course, these methods will only work if you already have identifying information about that person. You could also use the expertise of professional searchers, who do cost money, or search angels, who are free to work with. There are so many different ways to start and continue your reunion search, but you don't have to choose only one method. Why not try them all?

Often, services available through agencies or professional searchers do cost money, as mentioned above, so it's important to research the services you are investigating before taking that first step. Becoming active in online adoption communities will allow you to speak to others who may have used the services you are considering or it may lead you in a whole different direction altogether. However, it might be best to start with the free resources before moving on to the paid ones.

Once you've started your search, you'll want to begin the preparation for a possible reunion. It's important to keep your expectations of the relationship low and take things one step at a time. This is because you don't want to get your hopes up, have the reunion fail in some way, and become devastated. Keeping expectations low or expectations open and pliable means that you can get back up and keep trying until you're happy with the results. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and leap forward while emotions are high. However, taking time to ease into the relationship and build a strong foundation is important in the very first stages.

Try to keep communication light and easy until you've gotten to know the person a little better. Once you've gotten to know your adopted child or birth parent, you can then start to address the emotional topics, which will inevitably come up.

The reunion journey is an exciting one, even with all the bumps and hurdles along the way. Remember that every journey will be different, so try not to compare your reunion journey with others. Focus on your goal and your progression, and you'll soon be able to reconnect and reunite!

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Joann - 1 year ago
0 1 24
I have searched for my birth mother for almost 20 years. She found me two days ago. I am on every adoption registry site, and she found me through Facebook. I had an amazing adoptive family, but the hole in my heart is now gone. I have a huge family that has searched for me for 36 years!! I have pictures and now know where I got my eyes and my hair and my smile from. It's amazing to finally see people who look like me. I have so much in common with my new family. Never stop looking. Don't give up. It's not all sunshine and roses, but knowing where I come from and the support from my adoptive family has made my life complete. #1
j - 11 months ago
0 0 14
Please if you were adopted some of the times it is for the right reason. I did give my daughter up for adoption hoping for better than I could provide.... now I find it hard debating to open a can of worms and stir up feelings finding her or that if I do find her it will be very my case if you give up a child for the right reason very heavy guilt and constant pain .. never gets easier only harder ,, every year every holdiday ever birthday, every day period #2
Debi - 7 months ago
0 0 8
I would like to help my sister-in-law find her adopted child that was adopted in Ohio back in the 50's or 60's. She left her child with her family members while she looked for a job and when she returned they had adopted her out. What is the best way for me to do this? #3
Danielle - 11 months ago
10 4 18
i am trying to find my sister. my mother gave her up for adoption when she was born and i would like to find her as a surprise for my mother. just wondering on how i go about this ? help please. #4
Lisa - 11 months ago
2 1 6
My boyfriend (now husband) and I gave up for adoption our twin sons at birth in 1978. On July 17, 2013, we found one of the twins on this site. Five days later, and living only 45 minutes apart, we were joyously reunited with him, his wife, and two children (our grandchildren!). We were so happy to hear that the twins were raised together but learned that his brother had moved to Arizona eight years earlier. So on December 6, 2013, we flew to Arizona to meet him, his wife, and their two children (more grandchildren!). The twins were especially thrilled to find out that they have two younger full-blood brothers who share in their excitement, and their relationship is flourishing. It's been a mutual feeling of elation to be reunited, our love is growing by the day, and we are so excited to be living out the remainder of our lives together. I encourage you to keep the faith, don't ever give up searching, and hope will find a way. #5
Guest - 11 months ago
1 1 6
Looking for birth father from East Bay Area California. I was born feb 1....1975 in Alameda and had a closed adoption. Need health information, please . Greatly appreciate any news. #6
Susan - 3 months ago
0 0 2
I've been looking for my biologicla brother who was adopted into another home for over 10 years now...ive sent out flyers on gfacebook and still have no contact with's hard and emotionally draining anmd I find myself holding my heart because I feel a little empoty without knowing who he is,m if he's okay if I will ever meet hiim...I've had no luck and every day it seems harder and harder and further and further away from reach....I haven o one I know that is also adopted or reunited ewith family...I don't know any way to start or how to go about anything....i need help and each day it's less and less easy to find a path to go on... #7
Sara - 7 months ago
1 0 4
emotional journey feels like an understatement. I am registered everywhere, and haven't found even the smallest clue. I feel like a ghost, a whisper through the wind. But I hold onto the hope that you are searching for me to. I just want a glimpse at eyes that mirror mine. Sorry I am trying to remain positive and not trying to come across as negative, and reading all your positive comments gives me hope. #8
gemma - 3 months ago
0 0 2
Only just found out my mum had a baby and 16 and due to her been so young she had her adopted she would be around 32. Now how do i go about finding her as my mum regrets what happened but would i would like to find her. #9
Babette - 4 months ago
0 0 1
This is a long shot but any help would be appreciated. I am looking for a sibling of mine that was given up for adoption as an infant. The child was born to Patsy Aline Whitman(previous marriage last name) or Heimbecker(maiden name) in 1964 or 1965. We are not sure about gender. Patsy was staying at the Unwed Mother's home(Florence Crittendon) in Sioux City Iowa when she had given birth and put the child up for adoption. The child may have been born at St. Joseph Hospital in Sioux City Iowa. I know I do not have a lot of information to go on at this time but I am hoping this will ring a bell with someone. Thank you in advance. #10
Megan Pierson - 5 months ago
0 0 1
Yesterday was my dad's birthday.. It really had me Thinking whether or not she's out here looking for us? Which really there's not many days that go by that I'm not thinking about it. Maybe it's best not to know her, like a mysterious part in our heads the way we would imagine her.. A woman we might look up to.. Or she could be woman we wouldn't be proud to a accept.. So maybe it's best that we never met.. So I can put all these imaginations in my head of how an incredible woman she is.. And that I'm just like her in some ways.. To push myself to be the best that I can be! But a part of me is missing... A grandma I never got to meet. A family I never got to know. Apart of her is in me.. In my blood, running through my veins.. I am her.. So I hope one day, she'll have enough courage to meet all of us.. Cause we sure want to meet her!(: to get a restart on life.. Like finally the question all of has been wondering/ asking.. Is finally answered without hesitation. #11
Alice Alvarez - 12 months ago
0 0 2
Hi iam new at this but i had to try iam not sure if this is the way i should start but i had to start somewhere. Iam looking for my two boys Iam not sure if there names were changed but the birth names are Jusin Francisco Alvarez jr. and Christopher Francisco Alvarez jr.. They were born Dec12,1998 and May 11,2002.I the birth mother Alice Alvarez lost my as far as i know My kids were born in San Antonio Tx. If anyone sees this and you know about my kids please let me know. I just want to know how there doing i understand if they wouldnt want to meet there birth mom.My kids were adopted to a family in Mc,Callen Tx. Thank you very much. #12
Bobbie - 1 year ago
0 0 2
I'm a birth mother ... My son was born in Oakland, Ca.. Feb 9th 1964 ..You called me Your name is Gary ..Gary when you called me I was in shock ..But I loved hearing from you.... Please call me again ... I was so young when you were born ..There fore I had no choice but to adopt you to a family who could give you more than I could had ever. I have always thought about you and have loved you all my life and always will.. please call me again .. I am sorry that I could not meet you with your half sisters ..Call me and I can try to explain why .... I hope the information I gave you helped .. I hope you were able to find your birth father Steve ... Please call me again ... How I wish I had talked more to you ..But with our conversation it felt as if I was talking to a long tine friend .... thank you so much for reaching out to me ..I'm sure it was a shocking to hear my voice for the first time.. as it was for me to hear yours ...I will always be there for you if you want ... Love Bobbie #13
Michael - 6 months ago
0 0 1
Male born on September 21, 1985 in Jacksonville, Florida (I think) and processed through The Children's Home Society. Supposedly my mother died before my adoption finalized in October 1985. I was told she was beaten and fell into a coma from which she never awoke. I may have two half brothers through her. I have completed and found that I am largely British-Irish with hints of Polish-Russian. Contact: xxxx This is the beginning of my journey, and it already feels like the end. The Florida statutes protect the biological parents like I'm a piece of irrelevant chattel without a say in the matter. Closed adoption laws are so inhumane to adult adoptees. The very nature of human behavior and instinct is to look to your history for enlightenment. Hence, the wide popularity of archaeology and genealogy. It's human nature to investigate the past. Legislatures should be ashamed of their decisions to seal off all identifying information to adoptees. #14
Teresa - 3 months ago
0 0 1
Looking for birth mother and or siblings born april 1960 omaha nebraska. Dont have any names place of birth. was adopted from Nebraska childrens home to a loving family who could not have children. Interested in family health history and meeting any siblings if any. #15
gwen - 4 days ago
0 0 0
im from the uk and throughout my life i dont feel like i belong i have never seen any baby pics of me eccept for 1 where a strange woman is holding me and gazing at me it was taken in a garden but not posed for if you know what i mean i feel like i was possibly adopted within the family as i have some of the same characteristics im confused but my parents never talked to me about my birth etc my mother was 45 yrs old when she was supposed to have me there are no pics of her with me as a newborn etc #16
Sharon - 1 week ago
0 0 0
I am looking for my daughter. She was born in Mtn. Home, AR. on April8, 1976. The dates on the birth certificate may be different as we were told that she had passed away and later we found out that that was a lie, and we believe that she was a blackmarket baby. I have searched for years to find answers. Delivering doctor was a Robert Kerr, there is a possibility that the attorney that handled this had the last name of Johnson, there may also be a link with the names of King, or Woods. Just want to let her know that she has always been loved, and thought of daily. She was not given up for adoption, she was stolen from us. She may have been named Stephanie Nichole. #17
Sharon - 1 week ago
0 0 0
I also have a brother a year older than me and one 3 years younger than me me and 3 younger sisters I think are 1,3,5 years younger than I am but we were all by different fathers . I was adopted through Cathic Charitys by Kenneth and Wilma Van Aken. If anyone can tell me anything please let me know Ifeel empty inside without you. my mother was also very ill mentally. I spent 2years looking but when you dont have money to help you search its difficult. But I had one led some knew my mother in Ohio . They knew her from church but they said they hadnt seen her in to years and she was very ill. I dont even think my father knows I was born. I need an angel to please help me find them so I can fill the hole in my heart. I am 51 years oldand not well myself.. If uou can help me I would be so grateful. There is a chance I might have cancer but not sure yet. I love all of you and am not angry mom cuz I know your ill I have been going through the same mental illnesd since I was a young child. Th #18
Alyssa - 2 weeks ago
0 0 0
I'm looking for my brother Tyler my mom gave him up in 1988 the year he was born. He was born either Febuary 22, 1988 or Febuary 25 or 26 I'm not quite sure. He was only a few weeks/days old. The last name he had when he was given up for adoption was Bullock, his first name could have changed I'm not sure though. The case worker saw him at a play when he was 5 and said that he has Blonde curly hair, and blue eyes. That's pretty much all the information I have because it was a closed adoption. Tyler if you're reading this mom would love to meet you again and I would love to meet you! #19
Samantha - 3 weeks ago
0 0 0
I'm not even sure if I'm looking for someone yet...or who I would even look for! I'm so lost and I just can't take it anymore. I'm so overwhelmed and I feel like I don't belong. I don't feel close to my family and it kills me! I Don't know why it had come down to me thinking I'm adopted! How could I be? I don't know but I don't know how to fix my broken relationship with my parents or how to fix myself. I don't think I'm adopted, I'm not sure. But how can I be so sure I mean my mom says that I looked like her when she was younger but I don't know. My brother and sister have more baby pictures of them than I do of me and it makes me feel like either they didn't pay attention or were too busy when I was a baby or they didn't know me when I was a baby. I signed up for this "search for someone" website. I'm not even sure what I'm gonna say. I'm not searching for someone even if I was who would I be searching for? I just feel broken and disappointed in myself like I messed/mess everything.. #20
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