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Beginning an adoption reunion search can be the start to an emotionally difficult, yet rewarding journey. The first step is the biggest step you'll take. Deciding to begin your search and reunion journey commonly requires dedication, perseverance, and emotional and mental fortitude. Some of those who search find who they're looking for right away while others can search for years without success. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to know which category you'll fall into before you begin the process. However, even if success isn't met right away, the journey holds a lot of other benefits and advantages, including a better understanding of yourself and your life experiences.

Once you've decided to start your search, you will then have to decide how you're going to move forward. For starters, it's possible that the agency used to facilitate the adoption offers post-adoption services that include a registry or third party intermediary who will attempt to locate and contact the member of the triad you are searching for.

You can also search online directories that aren't related to a specific agency. Many of these online directories are free, including the Reunion Registry. Because of the modernity and popularity of social networking sites, that's a great place to start, too. Of course, these methods will only work if you already have identifying information about that person. You could also use the expertise of professional searchers, who do cost money, or search angels, who are free to work with. There are so many different ways to start and continue your reunion search, but you don't have to choose only one method. Why not try them all?

Often, services available through agencies or professional searchers do cost money, as mentioned above, so it's important to research the services you are investigating before taking that first step. Becoming active in online adoption communities will allow you to speak to others who may have used the services you are considering or it may lead you in a whole different direction altogether. However, it might be best to start with the free resources before moving on to the paid ones.

Once you've started your search, you'll want to begin the preparation for a possible reunion. It's important to keep your expectations of the relationship low and take things one step at a time. This is because you don't want to get your hopes up, have the reunion fail in some way, and become devastated. Keeping expectations low or expectations open and pliable means that you can get back up and keep trying until you're happy with the results. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and leap forward while emotions are high. However, taking time to ease into the relationship and build a strong foundation is important in the very first stages.

Try to keep communication light and easy until you've gotten to know the person a little better. Once you've gotten to know your adopted child or birth parent, you can then start to address the emotional topics, which will inevitably come up.

The reunion journey is an exciting one, even with all the bumps and hurdles along the way. Remember that every journey will be different, so try not to compare your reunion journey with others. Focus on your goal and your progression, and you'll soon be able to reconnect and reunite!

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you plan a search , or have yet to reunite physically with birth family, do this: Wear your armor of faith and...
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January 15, 2014, 8:58 am
First and foremost, let me say this: I was blessed with wonderful siblings! I'm not talking about my natural siblings, I'm talking about my...
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All Adoptees Please Post Here!
May 5, 2015, 8:34 am
Born Jan 3rd 1983 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Biological Mothers name right now is Susan Flagg and she graduated in 1980 from Weleetka Highschool.
Non-ID Info?
May 4, 2015, 5:12 pm
I submitted information to PAIR (Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry), and surprise! No info available. The letter recommends...
St Mary's Hospital Syracuse Ny
May 3, 2015, 10:40 am
So its been 13 years since you posted this and I just found it while doing a family search. I was also looking for info on St. Marys...
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Debi - 1 year ago
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I would like to help my sister-in-law find her adopted child that was adopted in Ohio back in the 50's or 60's. She left her child with her family members while she looked for a job and when she returned they had adopted her out. What is the best way for me to do this? #1
Susan - 11 months ago
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I've been looking for my biologicla brother who was adopted into another home for over 10 years now...ive sent out flyers on gfacebook and still have no contact with's hard and emotionally draining anmd I find myself holding my heart because I feel a little empoty without knowing who he is,m if he's okay if I will ever meet hiim...I've had no luck and every day it seems harder and harder and further and further away from reach....I haven o one I know that is also adopted or reunited ewith family...I don't know any way to start or how to go about anything....i need help and each day it's less and less easy to find a path to go on... #2
Heather - 9 months ago
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My name is Heather Brode Maiden name is Hershberger. I was born in Barberton Ohio at Barberton Citizen Hospital on 8/18/85 at 9:00 a.m. by a Dr Mohamed Dabbas.. When I have searched my birthday along with the town and hospital I have a number that comes up and a name "Laurie Gregory" Ive been told that could be my mothers name or it could be what they would of named me When I've talked to other people. I dont have much information. My papers have said that both my parents were 23 at the time of my birth and that my father was booked in the summit county jail in Ohio on the day of my birth. The description I have gotten is my mother is a medium height with sandy brown hair and a speech impediment and the only description of my father that is recorded is that he appeared somewhat "Dull"..It also states that I have two brothers,It says that my eldest brother is two years and 10 months older and my other brother is 23 months older.. I am just looking for someone in the family #3
Melanie - 11 months ago
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I am a 28 year old African American woman I was born 12/07/1985. In Buffalo NY at Buffalo General Hospital I was put up for adoption through Catholic Charities agency. I was told the reason I was given up was because my birth mother was young she was in school and she already had a kid so I know I could possibly have biological siblings out there somewhere I would like to get to know. I would also like to know any family health history or concerns. I was told Melanie was the name I was given when I was born so if this story sounds familiar please reach out and we can start with baby steps on getting to know one another #4
Denise - 11 months ago
0 0 2
I have searched for my birth parents for 30 years with the blessing of my adoptive parents (both are gone now). I know my DNA, and found 3-4 cousins this way but have had no luck in figuring out who my parents are. Private adoption with a lawyer. I was told my mother was 28 when she had me. She was 5' 6" dark hair grey eyes, Father was blonde 6". I was born in Seneca, Oconee County, South Carolina, 6 lbs, 6 ounces at birth - when my adoptive parents came to pick me up at Seneca Hospital, the nurse said "Come see baby Denice" Uncanny that I had been named Denise Elaine by my adoptive parents and Karen Denice by my birth mother. #5
Megan Pierson - 1 year ago
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Yesterday was my dad's birthday.. It really had me Thinking whether or not she's out here looking for us? Which really there's not many days that go by that I'm not thinking about it. Maybe it's best not to know her, like a mysterious part in our heads the way we would imagine her.. A woman we might look up to.. Or she could be woman we wouldn't be proud to a accept.. So maybe it's best that we never met.. So I can put all these imaginations in my head of how an incredible woman she is.. And that I'm just like her in some ways.. To push myself to be the best that I can be! But a part of me is missing... A grandma I never got to meet. A family I never got to know. Apart of her is in me.. In my blood, running through my veins.. I am her.. So I hope one day, she'll have enough courage to meet all of us.. Cause we sure want to meet her!(: to get a restart on life.. Like finally the question all of has been wondering/ asking.. Is finally answered without hesitation. #6
Michael - 1 year ago
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Male born on September 21, 1985 in Jacksonville, Florida (I think) and processed through The Children's Home Society. Supposedly my mother died before my adoption finalized in October 1985. I was told she was beaten and fell into a coma from which she never awoke. I may have two half brothers through her. I have completed and found that I am largely British-Irish with hints of Polish-Russian. Contact: xxxx This is the beginning of my journey, and it already feels like the end. The Florida statutes protect the biological parents like I'm a piece of irrelevant chattel without a say in the matter. Closed adoption laws are so inhumane to adult adoptees. The very nature of human behavior and instinct is to look to your history for enlightenment. Hence, the wide popularity of archaeology and genealogy. It's human nature to investigate the past. Legislatures should be ashamed of their decisions to seal off all identifying information to adoptees. #7
Paula - 7 months ago
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Hello! I am looking for my birth family who I think still resides in Miami Florida. I was born 09/03/87 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. My sister Nicole was born on 08/11/1988. We were adopted together. I have recently just started my search for my family, but I have already found a listing that a women put up stating that she is looking for us. My mother's name is Cheryl Darlene Penn. I don't know anymore information than that, but I am on facebook as Paula Brown if whoever is looking for me happens to see this. #8
Tara Jones - 7 months ago
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My name is Tara Jones, and I was born on 06.26.1974, in Jacksonville, Florida at Memorial Hospital. I am searching for any biological relative. I was told I have a brother who is two years older than me, and my bio mother came to Fl to have me because her parents lived here. I was also told that my bio father was a career Navyman stationed in Washington State. I heard she had blonde hair. I have no identifying information and even though I requested info from Tallahassee over a year ago, I have received nothing. Please HELP! #9
Brittany - 1 year ago
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Looking for my brother. His birthday is 1-6-86 he was adopted out of catholic family services in Oklahoma city. If you have any information, please contact me. I've been trying to find him for years. Help to find him is greatly appreciated. I feel as if I have an empty space in my life that only he can fill. Please help. #10
Tiffany - 2 hours ago
I am looking for my older brother who was born in the late 60s I believe. He was born in Saginaw Michigan I think at st Mary's hosp not sure if this info is right and also don't knw if the adoption was opened or closed. I don't have really much info our mothers name on birth certificate would b sue a. Newman. She was raped and forced by my grandparents to give him up even tho she didn't want to she was a minor at the time and had no choice. This has been bothering her for a very long time we would love to find him and meet him and would like to know how he is doing. Please message me if u have anything thank u #11
linda(baby grl davis born 7-11-66) - 6 days ago
Born 7-11-1966 Cedars of Lebanon searching for b mom S.Davis non id info states she was 20and moved here to Los Angeles from North Carolina with a group of friends after high school so around 1963? She wud be 69-70 now..she was tall and was a singer and dancer at the time ..loved poetry reading and writing..I was adopted out of Los Angeles county bureau of adoptions ..court pprwk just says baby girl Davis and my adoptive parents were Rhoda and Richard Turner ..b mom signed relinquishment Sept 1966. I wud lov to know about u and ur history as I have always had this pc of me missing ..thk u #12
Sally - 4 weeks ago
My son's father was adopted on Feb. 28, 1949 in Denver, Colorado through Catholic Social Services.Marlin passed away on Feb. 10, 2004. Since then his children and I have been searching for his birth family. What we know is that his mother was Native American Indian. The father is Swedish. They met at a dance. I do not know anything about their relationship. I know that she had a toddler, a son and that is why she gave Marlin up for adoption. I think a wooden toy airplane that the toddler gave this baby brother is important. In 2004, I searched and searched for more information and never found anything more. We would love to know his birth family. He had two daughters, a son and 12 grandchildren. Anyone with some information would be so appreciated!! #13
carrieann - 3 months ago
I am searching for my Birth dad his name is Joseph Richard Flynn/O,Flynn he was born in cork and lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1965 and married that year to my birth mother when I was born I am now 50yrs old and have spent most of my life trying to trace him then they moved to Nottinghamshire then Derbyshire my birth name was Alison Flynn and my sister is called Angela Flynn we also had a young brother who was taken away and adopted at 2 woks old we also had a older brother his name is john who was adopted by our grandmother john had a different dad to the rest of us I have always had a face that I can remember I was 4yr old and my sister was about 21/2 yrs we went to a children home in Calverton in Nottinghamshire and then later went to foster parents in a village called pinxton on the Nottingham/Derbyshire border I was born at the wingrove general hospital Newcastle upon tyne and Angela and our younger brother was born at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME. #14
Joshua - 3 months ago
I am searching for my birth mother, father, or any other family member. my name before it was changed was David Wade Swan. My birth mothers name is Helen Rose Swan, and my grandmothers name is Rose Marie Swan. I was born in Newark N.J and I stayed at the nursery at college of medicine and dentistry in Newark, N.J. My mom was only 16 when she had me. I would like to know family history and if she was forced to give me up because of her religion, as well as a few other questions. I have been looking a long time and would like to finally meet you. I am 35 years old now with a wife and four children. if anyone has any info that could help, please text me @xxxxx #15
Misty Royal-Taylor - 3 months ago
Hey everyone! I am in search for my sister that was born to Paris Royal on June 6 1980 in Sampson County/ Clinton NC. She just celebrated a birthday and would have turned 34 if I'm correct. I remember going to the hospital to get my mom when I was almost 3 but she never came home with the baby. The image still haunts me still today because I know that I have a beautiful sister out there in this world. I have visited Sampson County clerk of court, but where her name would have been is blank. Can someone please help me find me sister. She would be African American #16
Kirstin Frecks-Edgman - 3 months ago
I am searching for my birth parents. I was born in Lincoln, NE July 2, 1972. I believe I was born at St. Elizabeth Hospital. The limited information I have tells me that my bio mother would have been 14 yrs old. I have no info. on my bio father. I certainly understand that my bio mother was very young, I have NO intentions on disrupting her life or current family now. Just looking to put some pieces of my missing puzzle together. I have tried to contact the hospital and unfortunately their medical records department only goes back to 1974. Any help anyone could give me would be helpful! #17
Bob - 4 months ago
Last of 23 adopted siblings found after 57 year long search Hello I am sending you a link about a Chicago WGN radio interview with a story about a family of 23 siblings separated in 1958 after the death of their Mother. All the children were adopted to different families all over the USA from coast to coast . Now , after 57 years of searching they have finally, just three weeks ago, located the last lost sister . Frances Livingston Cantrell who was a student at WEST FULTON HIGH SCHOOL IN N.W. ATLANTA up until 1959 and was raised in Atlanta and lived in the Atlanta / Marietta area up until her death in 1993. The family was disappointed that she was no longer alive, but was able to contact her two children, Curtis and Phyllis, and her husband, me, Bob Cantrell. Can you even imagine how hard, how dedicated the family was, and how much effort they have extended to have looked for that long a period of time to locate their one last sister of the 23. Please take a look and listen #18
mary - 1 day ago
Im white female,born dec3, wayne county mich from probate court. I stayed at the sarah fisher home in mich for about two months before I was adopted. My adoptive parents were george curry n theresa anderson(maiden name). Im 6fr tall, dark hair and eyes. Im irish n italian I was told. My birthparents were very young I was told. I lived in detroit,then moved to taylor mich. Im looking for anyone who is my blood relative especially my mom and dad. No judgment,just love. Thanx #19
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